Oesophageal cancer

I lost my man to oesophageal cancer in 2013. I'm just wondering if it's common to go down hill as much as she did towards end.

In July 2012 she started struggling to swallow solid food choking when she tried to. Had appointment to get it checked out was diagnosed with this cancer. She started chemo in December 2012. She had 3 lots 3 to 4 week apart then a scan which showed the chemo hadnt worked, but she was due to have the remaining 3 sessions in march 2013. This is when things went downhill. She had a water infection which she was in hospital for and confused. She lost ability to walk needed physio which went well til around may. She was due to be back home and everyone felt she would be fine. Then we had a call she'd had a fall and broke her hip. It was down hill from here. She had op on hip and started physio again making zero effort and zero interest. She wanted to be back home but refused to make any effort to get stronger. In July 2013 she got her own way and got to go home, but needed maximum care available. 2 caters 4 times a day. Basically her life revolved round waiting for next carets to come and put her to bed or get her up or wash her or feed her. She stopped eating and drinking well apart from what she ate and drank to stop people going on at her. She hardly bothered phoning me when she used to phone every day. My mum stayed at her flat nearly all time. Start of august my mum had finally started leaving her alone overnight as she never needed anyone and had a buzzer round her neck to alert caters if she needed anything. My mum got a phone call about 4am from my nan sounding confused she was admitted back to hospital and due to be discharged same day but her oxygen levels were low so she was kept

observation. A week later she was back home far from ok. I didn't see her but my mum went up planned to stay the night but changed plans and agreed for a night cater to stop. Around 8pm I called my mum and she said she was calling an ambulance as my nan wasn't right. That was last I heard until about 1am I decided to phone hospital and see if my mum would be home that night. I was told she was on way home. My mum got in and told me my nan had died. As daft as it may sound I didn't expect to lose her. The main reason being since being told the cancer hadn't shrank she had been able to eat solids ok, so I assumed it must be shrinking even if scans didn't detect it. I found out that she had something put in her throat to widen it.