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Muscle Spasms

I am wondering if any one experiences intense muscle spasms in different area's of the body? Sometimes I will just reach for something and my back goes into a spasms, or I am get one in my thigh or one in my chest muscle. really pretty much anywhere. I have suffered from neuropathy for a number of years after having gone through chemo as a Teen. At first the muscle spasm part of if was far and few between but now it is happening on a regular basis.Just would like to know what others experience?

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I have had a similar problem with spasms I am now taking co Q 10 or what is also known as ubiquinol QH combined with large amounts of vitamin D and B complex it does not completely eliminate the spasms but does greatly reduce the amount. The other thing that I have noticed is that you must be hydrated six to eight glasses of water per day limit your alcohol consumption and try to eliminate caffeine all together, apparently caffeine is worse for you than alcohol caffeine being a stimulate and apparently our nerves do not require a stimulate. good luck cheers


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