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Do you ever wish you could Go to pick a part and buy new parts for my body 😂

Well I am finished my 2nd round of antibiotics and my right kidney hurts bad still. I get all the test results from my kidneys and abdominal ultrasound and urinalysis from when I bled from for almost two weeks straight. I am still exercising. D. D. P. Yoga Chair Warrior workout my one daughter taught me as she’s a certified D. D. P. Yoga Instructor. I been doing that everyday pain or not as I have to keep my body strong 💪🏼 as everything’s hard chores, getting dressed. Walking very painful 😣 and I keep hearing those words said to me by leg compression specialist “you know your going to end up in a wheelchair “. I fighting this everyday and my legs throbbing burning cramping up my bones throbbing and have to sleep with heating pad. My pain doc upped my sleeping pill to 200mg. Now I’m sleeping 5-6.5 hrs a night. Ty lord as at least when your in a good sleep you don’t feel the pain and at least more rest is so important to the body. I also try to set a daily goal to do a task. I do it it’s hard sometimes cry cause dropping things a lot can’t walk straight up and moving around is so difficult. Today my daughter turned 27 and we had breakfast together she stopped in before work and it was lovely to spend time with her. I am so blessed with 2 beautiful gorgeous daughters. Amen 🙏

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Honeybug how are you doing sweetie? How you feeling? How’s the family? Prayers and hugs 🤗 for you amen 🙏


This story happened years ago but l think it relates to your question...

My son (25) suffered head injuries & broken back (motorcycle crash).

About three weeks later I was drinking a cup of coffee trying to calm myself... when a man with one arm came in to place his order.

My first thought was, OH Dear God l wish my son had lost his arm instead of ........ then l apoligized to God for that wish.

My son is almost 50...walking...talking.... he misses the person he used to be but is adjusting. Many times l have heard him say l used to have a Life.

I am so blessed he still with us ...

A n d Y E S ! I would love to trade some body parts for new ones but for now l will treasure the ones l have. Sending you Hugs. Granni B

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Ty GrannyB it totally relates to me as I also have concussion syndrome from so many head injuries the worst being base skull fracture with cranial leakage. I couldn’t bend my head over as the fluid would pour out of my nose and I wasn’t allowed to blow my nose for many weeks I had the left side of my face droop down. I was so messed up and do get confused at times but brain games is a good app to help with the motor skills Ext. Ty so much for your help and prayers and hugs 🤗 for you amen 🙏


I don’t have broken back but have slipped disc in lower lumbar and I have Degenerative Discs Disease and bone disease Ostio and I can barely walk today so painful as my right kidney with the non cancerous tumour so far, but lord am I suffering and crying with every step but still do muscle building in my legs etc.


Yes I’m blessed to still be here and try to stay positive and the pain hits and I cry


Do you find that medatation & yoga help a little? It is wonderful that your daughter is a yoga instructurer. I admire your fighting spirit as you deal with your pain. Please know that you are in my prayers.

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Awe ty grannyB! Yes meditation & yoga does help! In fact, the meditation helps with clearing your mind of negative things and positivity comes into play and before you know it your deep breathing and this can help control pain a little by breathing it through like I had to do with all the procedures I’ve had done and let me tell you painful but my specialist when I was getting cystoscopy S and Botox injections into my severely prolapsed bladder that happened when they shrunk the watermelon size 20cm tumour that was attached by my ovaries and they gave me a hysterectomy and when I went through all of this I was able to deep breathing during the unpleasant procedures. I would have tears running down but I kept saying lord please help me and the lord helped me through it and my whole life has been dealing with pain. Today I can’t walk straight cause my right kidney with non cancerous tumour as they previously did a biopsy and I received a letter in mail from Cross Cancer clinic stating the test for cancer was negative ty god. Now I get all results from when I was bleeding from my kidneys for almost two weeks suffering two rounds of antibiotics and nausea and my legs my arms my muscles just burn and throb and so when I get results tomorrow I will know why I was bleeding from kidneys and hopefully it’s something with a cure and can be fixed as all my other diagnoses have been no cure! There’s nothing we can do for you except try to make you comfortable. Was told I had Lymphedema and no cure bad disease and the degenerative discs disease is suffering. Listen to me I can’t believe I ended up like this at age 48 next month. I been thinking about life a lot and I still love nature and positivity and love and hugs 🤗 and prayers amen 🙏


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