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Feet and Leg Spasms

I have moderate peripheral neuropathy and started having feet/leg spasms this past year. Episodes getting worse until recently my right foot/calf was completely incapacitated for 4 hours. The spasms are worse in the right, but also present in the left. Worse during the night and when I get up in morning. I had back MRI to rule out spine problem. Is this just the normal progression of my neuropathy or could it be something else?

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I have only had peripheral neuropathy for eight months and so worried about the speed it is progressing. I do get cramp in my toes and calves which is like spasms so I am not sure if that is what you mean. I am having a nerve conduction test on Monday so maybe I will get some answers as this is the worst thing I have had in my life. How long have you had it?

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About 15 years, probably from diabetes. Maybe the cause of the neuropathy influences symptoms and progression? I put together an emergency kit in case I get a terrible episode: heating pad and muscle relaxant prescribed by MD. Looked at youtube vidoes on massaging out a spasm. Hope your test is helpful!

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What muscle relaxants were you prescribed? I have been prescribed by my doctor amitriptyline 10 mg which is a very low dose. I do not want to go on anything stronger though. When my feet are numb and burning it does panic me and I know this does not help. I am on a Facebook group which really frightens me as a lot of people end up in a wheelchair or housebound with unbearable pain! I know there are different types of neuropathy and different reasons for getting it. I do not have diabetes or never had chemo so the only reason I think I have it is because I walked miles for a few years with my dogs in Wellington boots and possibly damaged the peripheral nerves. I am so scared that it will progress throughout my body. Thank you for letting me offload my fears as I obviously do not know enough about it yet. I am going to see the Neurologist again after the nerve test xxx


Yes, sounds like it's still early days and you are in the assessment process. So don't "borrow trouble" and assume too much. I would choose a FB site which focuses on optimism, education, problem-solving, and positive support. People with neuropathy who are doing well are less likely to be involved in your FB group. Most of us are NOT in wheelchairs or housebound.

You might research METANX, a legitimate prescription medical food that has been shown in a clinical trial to help peripheral neuropathy. I have taken it for about 7 years and believe it makes a difference. Non-addicting, basically no side effects, and about $60 US per month.

I only use the muscle relaxant as needed for severe episodes because of sedation and potential for dependence. But I know some people use it daily. Your MD can recommend one suited for your situation.


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