60ty years and counting

hi, jim here. i seem to have some form of neuropathy which i believe started at least 10 years ago, maybe more. i am 60 now. i was driving down the road and my hands were at the 10 and 2 positions when it seemed that my hands were disconnected from my shoulders. only lasted awhile. now i almost have to think to get my fingers to move when doing things like typing. i don't have the pain like some of you do, just numbness and unsteadiness. had carpal tunnel surgery bout 2 years ago and after my hand seemed to really get numb.

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  • Sounds like a modified neuropathy... Im very similar, (60, diabetic for 40 years neuropathy started about 17 years ago), except my hands really hurt, at night once the stuff they need starts getting to the nerves again... I sometimes swing my arms and hold them straight up at night to get the blood flowing properly. It seems like the small nerves in my hands starve of food and oxigen when too much is asked of them, then when i rexax at night, they start getting what they need and when they start coming back around they turn on full blast with pain! The quicker they get what they need, the guicker the pain stops! Its usually at least a couple of hours of pain, or more.

    I dont take drugs for the pain... The pain is a symptom, i can either block it, or use it to tell me whats going on. And who wants the side affects that are often worse than the pain!

  • Howdy Palomineo, you better believe there is side affects. can this stuff affect your sleep cycles, man I am not sleeping like i should.


  • For me neuropathy stops my sleep... I cant imagine it would be better not sleeping due to the pain twice a month, or not sleeping due to the pain killers every night!!

  • I forgot to add... I take chelated minerals... The neuropathy is not nearly as bad when i get minerals to help my body repair itself... Multy, 70 odd minerals, chelated ... been through a plant

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