Trying to come back to normal


I am new here. I had a massive heart attack in April, 2014. I was given CPR by my wife. I was dead for about half an hour. I was revived, had an angioplasty and put in one stent in my heart. I was put on statins and Beta blockers.

Took an angiogram in June, 2015. Had a double by-pass operation in July, 2015.

I did not have diabetes before the heart attack. I was diagnosed with Diabetes 2 after the heart attack. I was put on Insulin injections. The blood sugar was always under control.

Now I have done away with Insulin because I am able to keep the blood sugar under control with the help of Diet alone.

The problem now is that my Foot pain has not gone away even with the Diabetes under control. I am taking medicines for that. But they have side effects like dizziness. How did I get diabetic Neuropathy when my diabetes was always under control? My HBA!C reading is 5.60 now.

I had forgotten to take my Statins for one night about two months back. The next day I found that diabetic foot pain was much better. But my doctor refuses to stop Statins. He has prescribed a 10 mg tablet instead of the 80 mg tablet earlier. The foot pain is almost gone. I hope I can get cured completely.

Diabetic Neuropathy is one of the side effects of Statins.

No my problems are

1. Footpain due to diabetic Neuropathy.

2. Dizziness in general. It is almost permanent.

3. General weakness and tiredness.

As I said I am trying to come back to normalcy again.


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