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looking for information

hi folks hope you are well. im new here so please be gentle :)

a few years ago i was experiencing issues with my riht hand. it would swell up and be pins and needles and tingly. i would also drop stuff from this hand without realising. because of this i went to the gp who referred me for electrical testing. unfortunately it showed nothing as i came close to smacking the doctor as my hand jerked.

so for a while it went away. the past couple of months its came back and still as swollen and pins and needle sensation as ever, its worse just now as i have sciatica and the sensations wont leave. ive brought it up several time over the past week seeing docs in surgery and hospital but they have dismissed it saying its normal. surely its not normal to have a pins and needles sensation on a swollen hand 24/7.

please if anyone has any advice or help they can give me i would be most grateful as its now becoming a joke. i am based in the uk but i cant find anything on here or on the net i can contact, as imnot being taken seriously for anything these days im resorting to using the net.

thanks in advance


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Have you considered a visit to an osteopath as they may be able to free the trapped nerves and reduce the pins and needles and help with the sciatica. This used to work for me. Though now I have numbness and neuropathic pain for other reasons.



im actually sitting here right now looking to see if i can find one locally. going to a gp is doing nothing for me as well as visiting the hospital. ill see what can find out.


Let me know how you get on ,you can't beat a good Osteo or Chiropractor. Hope that you get sorted and it is not permanent damaged nerves.


thanks i will


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