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Pain in my right foot and tingling fingertips


Looking for advice from others. 

My story is as follows:

I am a long term vegetarian and now vegan - (over 30 years). For all of that time I didn't supplement with B12 and as a result have a B12 deficiency (no surprise there!). 

About 6 months ago my toes (more on my right foot than left) began to go numb. I also started to get numbness in my fingers. This is on top of other more obvious symptoms of B12 deficiency. 

So, I started to to take a sublingual B12 supplement which helped a little but not enough. 6 weeks ago I started to self inject. Almost immediately after this I began to get pain in my right foot, in the toes but especially under the ball of the foot. It is a burning pain and also feels inflamed. I also get an ache in the top of my second toe which is the toe most affected. 

My third toe has also started to fall away from the second leaving a big gap between the two. 

I have to do a lot of walking around in my job and some days it is fine and others not so good. Driving long distances (more than 30 mins) aggrevates it as well.

My questions are:

Has anyone else experienced this getting worse before it gets better syndrome?

Has anyone else managed this without resorting to medication (I really prefer to deal with the problem naturally). 

Any other experiences or advice very welcome....

Many thanks in advance.

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See a specialist and get second option. everyone reacts differently to meds. Sometimes (I use both) the natural method needs an extra boost to get our health under control.

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try coq10 and vitamin D and stepping up your B12, BY THE WAY CoQ 10 WILL REDUCE INFLAMATION ALLOWING MORE BLOOD FLOW


Thanks, already taking vit D3 and back to shots of B12 every other day. 

Also now taking acetyl-l-carnitine which has had success with nerve damage.

Will look into CoQ10 though as someone else has mentioned that. 

Went to my chiroractor last week and she has referred me for an x-ray to rule out bone problems as she doesn't like the look of the toe that is falling away so we will see if that brings anything up. 

Am thinking it won't as am sure this is nerve damage, but will be good to rule it out. 

Thanks for the comments. 


Your welcome cheers


Your welcome, cheers


See my other post about Metanx, which is a combo of folate and B vitamins, a special formulation which is supposed to be absorbed more efficiently in the gut. Would a naturopathic physician be familiar with this syndrome? Good luck.


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