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Serious nerve problem or extreme anxiety?

Lately, I have been feeling really strange. I ride my bicycle to work, so when my legs get super tired and heavy, I don't know if it is just a muscular thing or my nerves as well? Even now as I type, my legs feels super heavy and tired. It almost feels like my legs are dead. I can't really feel them and they feel more difficult to move than usual. My arms don't feel as bad, but they feel a little tired and shaky as I type this.

Last night my tongue even felt kind of numb. My tongue wasn't actually numb because I could feel it when I scratch across the surface with my nails and I can also taste food no problem. The "numb" feel is more of a general nerve sensation (if that makes sense).

I have chronic gastritis and acid reflux, so I'm really hoping the sensations with my tongue are just from burning tongue syndrome (a symptom of acid reflux). It is difficult to discern whether or not these sensations are only on the surface of my tongue or actually inside my tongue as well?

I'm really worried that these could be early signs of MS or something else that is just as dangerous? I have anxiety, depression and stress, so I'm really hoping these are just symptoms of my mind.

I would greatly appreciate any advice or peace of mind from some others on here. Maybe some people can relate to my symptoms?

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Hi, my adult daughter has been suffering for almost 4 years with burning pain in her liver area which came on suddenly,it is constant,this was followed by a burning sensation in her mouth. She had many tests,scans and invasive procedures,all came back normal,the gastroenterologist said she has visceral hypersensitivity! A few months on she started with numbness in her toes and fingers,this has progressed to just past her knees,legs feel numb and tingling all the time,hands to a lesser degree,legs feel weak and odd as if they don't belong to her. She has been investigated by a neurologist,all tests normal,he says it is peripheral nerve sensitivity. My daughter has aspergers and has more than her share of anxiety,she feels this is the cause of these sensitivities.,she gets on with life and doesn't complain,but I know she struggles and no one seems to be able to help. How are you doing now?

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A burning tongue is a symptom of vita. B deficiency. Get your blood levels checked. Go to your primary physical regarding your symptoms.


Do you take omeprazole? If so do some research on it. Numbness plus other things are side effects


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