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My spinal injury story

Hi .I hurt my back nursing, lifting heavy patient.had back pain off and on for 5 yrs.it got so bad I couldn't feel my feet and lower legs.Couldnt sit or stand still for about a year.had spinal surgery in Germany.had post op epidural hematoma ( blood clot compressing spinal nerves L5S1.had another surgery to relieve pressure.have cauda equina as a result of this.have no sensation from lower back, down back of legs to feet,and including feet.Have no feeling in saddle area ( private area) and lost bladder and bowel function.

Have been going to rehab,learned to walk properly and strengthen ankles.have some sensation in my right calf but it has been 4 yrs so sensation is not expected to return.

I have severe neurological pain at times.feels like a bolt of electricity shoots from my buttock down leg and out my ankle.have no sensation in heels.if I am on my feet too much they feel like I am walking on cheese grater,heels like tennis balls.

I take 1900 mg gabapentin a day ( used to take 2800 mg), cymbalta 30 mg, tramadol 150 mg, for nerve pain.i was also on Lyrica but was taking max amt so had to switch to Gabapentin. Both cause memory problems and severe tiredness.also have a small twitch.

I just keep moving and consider myself lucky to be walking

New member Kelly

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