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BWS Support for BabyJaG

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Hi everyone, my baby was just diagnosed with BWS and I must admit I've been a nervous wreck the last few days after the diagnosis. I'm hoping that this support group will allow me to gain better understanding of the syndrome and tips on what to look out for.

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Hi! I am an Italian mum of a very mild case of bws baby. He was diagnosed after 6 months with an UPD, me an my husband were shocked and scared. Now our baby is 13 months and he is a child like any other. Every 3 months we have a scan and blood analysis, the first time we were very nervous but now it's a normal routine and we are calm. This condition gave us a lot of strength, it was difficult at the beginning but now we are a perfect family with a super boy and we are waiting for the 2nd in September :) Be strong, your baby is happy if you are happy!

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My son Is 18 yrs old and is living proof of how Beckwith can be handled ! I felt all alone for so long ! I'm always here if you have any Questions or concerns !

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