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Have just had an email from a parent and wonder if anyone can help. The question raised is as follows:

My question pertains to his growth. namely are BWS children more prone to hunger? Most children of my sons age (9 months) will sleep through the night. He however has never done so. In fact he awakes regular as clockwork twice a night and proceeds to demolish a 250ml bottle during each one. We have tried increasing the amount of food he eats, but seemingly to no avail. His weight is in the healthy range and he’s recently figured out crawling, thus much chasing begins on our part.

Bob Baker

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I would also be interested to hear other people's answers on this. My daughter is 2 with BWS and although she does sleep through the night she is ALWAYS hungry through the day. Feel like it's impossible to fill her up sometimes and although I feed her very healthy food she is now over weight for her age and off the scale on the weight charts.

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Hello, my son is 20 months, he always had A LOT of milk as a baby, i personally am VERY strict with routines/night times/sleeping at night and it took until 13 weeks with him where as both my other 2 slept through from 6 weeksso i do believe there is a difference....he also still sometimes wakes now (for water only now) although usually is woken from being wet, he still eats and drinks VERY well during the day :-) , has always been way off the chart for ALL growth areas, weight, height etc....he is 20 months but wearing age 4/5 years and 5/6 years clothes...his consultant mentioned at last appointment he should be fed 'as normal' for his age not size ?? But not sure i entirely agree with that, hes bigger, his stomach is bigger, requires more energy etc...

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Our son was always very hungry as a baby, even though he was prem. As he grew we had to introduce solids at an earlier age than the HV anomaly recommended. This diminished a little as he grew through the picky toddler ages, but increased again about 4 or 5 years. Always off the weight chart. Now 16 with a huge appetite mostly.


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