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My Life

I was born on April 11, 1992 at Home Hospital in Lafayette, Indiana and i weighted 14lbs and 14ozs and i was 3 weeks early and had a 50/50 chance of living and my mom had to have a double c-section because i was born sideways and i spent my first month of my life in Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis, Indiana and when i was 1 year old i had to have a surgery to remove 1/3 of my tongue just so i could talk. My life ive had 3 surgeries on my left knee, surgery on my stomach and tongue. My whole left side of my body inside and out is larger than my right side: from my brain to where my legs split . Ive got to graduate High School and I have a opportunity to play on Purdue Girls Basketball team if i get the application in on time. 

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Happy belated birthday and good luck on making it to the basketball team! Thanks for sharing your story!😀


Thank you for sharing your story , tell us more about your problems related with BWS and how you achieved this successful life ??


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