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Can anyone recommend a pushchair for larger babies?? They all seem to have 15kg weight limits.

Trying to find one that isn't really expensive is tough. Does anybody have any suggestions??

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I went through one stroller with my big boy. I had to toss it when I had my second child who was a little "peanut". I had a coaster know the "radio flyer"... The red wagon. We did get a good one where you could add detachable sides. He later used it for delivering newspapers! It worked well. Jeff didn't walk until he was 16 months. Needless to say, definite back & hip issues on mom's part to this day (he's 40). Try the coaster wagon. Good luck to you. I know exactly what you are going through.



Hi MissieTee,

When my daughter had reached and maximized the size and weight capacity of regular baby strollers (those intended for no more than 30lbs, or 15kg) I also had a hard time finding one that would work. There is NO inexpensive solution especially when considering the safety and comfort aspect. I had invested in a "Mountain Buggy" all-terrain stroller that could hold up to 100lbs. It was costly ($500) probably due to my geographic location but it was easy to maneuver and the wheels were similar to mountain bike wheels so they didn't get worn out like other stroller wheels. The good news is that my daughter was able to use it from about 4 months of age to about 4-years of age and could have probably gone further if she wanted to continue riding in it. We used it daily, for travel, walking/jogging, and it proved to be effective in rocky, off-road terrain. Hope this helps.


Thanks both for replying.

I did look at the Mountain Buggy though I didn't see one that went up to 100lbs. I ended up getting an Out N About which goes up to 22kg/50lbs. I was in a rush to get one as we'd had a problem (wheel fell off) with the previous one, so maybe didn't spend as much time looking as I'd really want to. I'm hoping this one will last a while, but will just have to wait and see. It certainly stopped me from stressing out about it for a while.


Baby jogger do one that carries at lot of weight. Look on some US sites - some of the same buggies are stated to carry more weight in the US. Its to do with discouraging parents of older children to use buggies apparently! !