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How long does genetic testing roughly take to come back?

My son is being tested for bws at the moment he had blood taken 2 weeks ago for genetic testing and was wondering how long it will roughly be before we get some answers x tia x

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Not sure of the answer but will ask Dr Maher who is the support group's medical adviser.

Best wishes Bob


It has been too long since we had that done (7 years ago). I do not think it took more than a few months. My understanding is that not all cases of BWS are genetic. In my son's case it was genetic (methylation on chromosome 11). What was hard for us was to get the appointment with the geneticist. There was a six month waiting list.


Hi. I had my test done last year by amniocentesis at the Birmingham women's hospital who have an in house genetics department. It took 3 weeks to get the initial results (for downs, Edwards, etc) but didn't get the BWS result back for about 4-5 weeks. I know they had to grow a culture for it (as it was from an amino) and in our case the result was UPD BWS (not sure if this means it takes longer or not).

Good luck, I hope you get your results soon.


Have just had a reply from Professor Maher who says that it should normally take 6 to 8 weeks for the results. Hope this helps.

Best wishes



Thanks all sadly I'm still waiting :(


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