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Tinnitus x tinnitus = tinnitus^2?

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My first post here. I've had moderate tinnitus for a few years now. It was something I was beginning to handle. Last week I visited my ENT specialist who used micro-suction to clear both my ears. About two days after, I developed a very different tinnitus: much louder, a lower frequency, that sort of "wobbles" between different volume/pitch. This has been getting louder lately and incredibly hard to function with. My ears have started to ache lately.

I've had no luck getting advice from GP or specialist on this, who have been adamant that irritation would not last this long, and that it's doubtful I have an infection due to the cleaning.

Is this a recurring story among others?

As with most issues I've read about here, I understand that anxiety can make this situation worse, though the uncertainty of 'is this what things will be like from now on' is making it difficult to stay calm.

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It’s probably just a Tinnitus spike caused by the noisy and invasive procedure of ear wax removal. My spikes have lasted for up to 3-4 weeks after being triggered - they can be alarming especially if you have not had one before. They do fade & settle down eventually so please hold on that - easier said than done I know.

That's reassuring. More than anything it's nice being told that several weeks is normal for a spike. Most articles I've come across dont say much more than "it can last for a while".

Thank you

Hello. bourneville has said what would have said. Just one thing though - are you living in the UK? If so, and if you start seeing your doctor with T, he or she ought to be following the pathway indicated by NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence) which was published last March. Probably many GP's didn't know about this as Covid struck at the same time. The pathway suggested by NICE was written along with the specialist charity British Tinnitus Association. You can see the pathway by going to the NICE website and go to 'find guidance' and insert 'tinnitus'. Have a read of this and see if anything strikes you as relevant and applicable to your own situation and doctor.

Brilliant advice, I’ll look this up too

It IS brilliant advice, thank you and I'll check it out :)

Welcome Muffinman. Sorry to hear of the increase in your T. I've got no experience of microsunction but I know other posters have reported spikes for this reason. Hopefully it will settle. You're right about anxiety. The more anxious I get the louder my T gets and yet it 's not always easy to stay calm. I find relaxation exercises very helpful.

Thank you for your response :) anxiety -> tinnitus is an awful feedback loop. I'm glad to hear I'm not alone even in this specific instance

This condition sucks we all need peace in our private moments snd my left ear never stops going. I had low level tinnitus until I had COVID shot and then it became loud and Screeching I blame the inflammation from the shot!

I agree it’s hard and I haven’t found the doctors to be that empathetic or able to offer much useful info. They do say stress makes it worse and yo do yoga, mediate snd try cognitive behavioral therapy. I’m convinced the j&j Covid vaccine causes mine. I have read stuff online wish I had never gotten it as in general I feel I got some kind of auto immune stiffness etc after it.

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Hi Kelly. You're not the first person on the forum to report T following the vaccine. Sadly. I suppose if Covid can cause T it stands to reason the vaccine can cause and / or make it worse too. Sorry it's had this effect on you.

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It is just very coincidental if it did not worsen it. I had it very low level. I was sick for 2 days then soon noticed it had kicked up and now hear it all the time. Has anything you have tried worked?

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I had a similar increase in volume just over a year ago for no apparent reason . I guess that's the unpredictable nature of T. It doesn't alwyas need a reason to go thru the roof. The only thing I've tried is a short course of CBT. It was helpful in reducing the distress but it doesn't reduce the sound itself. Nothing does a far as I know.

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Kellyc in reply to doglover1973

can u tell me how the cbt helped? I am going to try that also . I am trying neosensory when i can remember but that is a company that is really trying to make money off of there product. Most things do not work the hope is it lessens over time.

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doglover1973 in reply to Kellyc

CBT has helped me to think more positively .. and it was immensely reassuring to talk to someone in person. The counsellor I spoke to didn't have T but he understood it. Be very careful what you pay for. There are some unscrupulous people out there - and as tinnitus sufferers - we're a soft target. Things do usually improve over time .

The British tinnitus association regularly updates the latest info about vaccination and T on their website. I appreciate some people feel their T has spiked after a jab but no one would bother to report a diminution of their symptoms after vaccination. Personally I was so relieved to be double-jabbed that my good mood overcame the T for a short while.

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