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Hi, Just wandering around on internet looking for Info and treatments for my 'first year' of having tinnitis, found British Tinnitus Association. Glad I can now chat with others with same condition, find informative trials and recommendations.

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Hello Skipants. You’re among friends here! Just a note of caution - there are “cures” promoted on Facebook and elsewhere. If something is not supported by the Medical profession or a reputable charity, it’s a con!

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Skipants in reply to Happyrosie

Thank you for responding and word of caution, it is much appreciated. Happyrosie, yes I have noticed this since being on internet to look at the condition. The old saying is..if it's to good to be true, then it most probably is!.

Welcome. What has your experience of tinnitus been like? Have you had any treatments etc.

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Skipants in reply to _Barnabas

Hi. Started last June, during lockdown, out of the blue whilst sheilding. GP stated no ear wax. Sent to Audiology, fitted with hearing aids. Still can hear it in both ears, like a high wave radio frequency.

Just trying to put up with it, but getting worse, so found myself here!

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_Barnabas in reply to Skipants

I have an almost identical experience. Mine started last June. Fairly quiet at first but then got louder. I have no apparent ear problems and only slight hearing loss. I have a high pitched sound. I’ve almost completed CBT for tinnitus which has helped with acceptance. I have habituated a couple of times but at the moment am experiencing a spike.

I hope yours settles down.

Hello Skipants,This is a nice comforting site and you will soon find that your not alone . Which is some comfort.

If you have no hearing loss at all then I can’t see any benefit in using heating aids .

However , you must do what you feel is best for you .

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Skipants in reply to rabbits65

Thanks for contact. Yes, heading aids not a lot of help. I'm hoping it disappears!. Any useful tips?

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bantams in reply to Skipants

Hi Skipants, I was given NHS hearing aids last year for my Tinnitus, which are just normal hearing aids for my moderate hearing loss and these did not help with my Tinnitus. 2 months ago I was given new NHS hearing aids which have a setting so I can listen to ocean waves which is set just above my Tinnitus. This has really helped me to manage my Tinnitus.

I also have private hearing aids which cost £1600 which are no better for my Tinnitus than the ones I now have from the NHS.

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Skipants in reply to bantams

Hi. Thanks for the reach out. I will go back to Audiology and check out about that setting.

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bantams in reply to Skipants

Hi, not sure where in the UK you are, I go to the Audiology at Calderdale Royal hospital in Halifax, West Yorkshire.

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Skipants in reply to bantams

Charing Cross hospital.. London.

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N0743 in reply to bantams

Morning, just wanted to let you know about something that i think has helped me, i am 56 and have slight hearing loss in one ear. I have had T in that ear for approx. 18 months. I was given hearing aids and like you said did not make much of a difference at first however about 3 weeks ago i tried altering the settings trying them at + 3 & 4. I do think that this has made a difference. I have struggled to Habituate as the tinnitus is intermittent i have gone 5 0r 6 days sometimes without T .

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Skipants in reply to N0743

Morning. Appreciate you reaching out. I will try those settings. Anything to diminish the persistent noise!! Thanx .

Ps. Correction. IMeant. Hearing Aids

When you say “ hearing aids” do you mean “maskers” as I have them, no cure but I do get some respite by wearing them, big tip, don’t go on internet and follow the idiots who claim to have “ the cure” or “ the answer “ avoid like the plague, false hope and “ scam” spring to mind, stick to places like this, good luck on your journey.

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Skipants in reply to Woodentop99

Thank you. I certainly will avoid.

Any useful tips you say. I think a lot is trial and error . I think getting outside and listening to birdsong, the wind rustling in the trees and even children playing outside and laughter, dogs playing and running around , all the natural things outside . Avoid big crowds , noisy events. Loud music is a no no . Stick to quiet music and one to one conversation . I’m learning to habituate . A word they use often on this site . I’ve had T a year now

Thank you. I will certainly follow your advice.

Hi Skipants

Sorry to hear about your T.

I'm relatively new to T also 4 months and kinda getting the hang of it better.

I am trying Flare audio calmer ear plugs. As they reckon they help reduce annoying noises as I think I've become more sensitive to loud noises. They don't rid me of T by any means but I kinda like the feeling. You'll find easily on a Google search as they're quite popular and inexpensive (£20).

I use my Tinnitus apps on my phone at night with ambient noise and drift off easier. Like a lot of T sufferers say habituation is a major key to dealing with it.

Good luck 🤞


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Skipants in reply to Andy79

Cheers Andy for info. Im just at the start of my journey regarding habitualation.. i will download T app today.

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