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Optimize ear spray

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Could one spray of Optimize ear spray make my tinnitus worse? I have an ear infection and T was slightly increased anyway but tonight I feel its louder after 1 spray? Or maybe its the infection......urghhh I dunno😳😥

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The one time I used Otomize it didn’t make a different to my T. The trouble is, the irritation and pain keeps you thinking about it, and the T (who is a small imp living just out of sight behind my head) gets above himself and tries to interfere with ones life a bit more...... 😱

Yeah perhaps you're right. Maybe it just appears louder due to everything else goin on in my ear. I am just going to have to see how it goes. My ear feels so full, its horrid😥 Thank you for replying.

I've had tinnitus since forever and ear infections I found the otomize helped my infection and as a result my tinnitus reduced I'd persevere with it and if you aren't happy go back to your doctor good luck

Hi Rachel. I as well as a few others on here have had a bad time with Otomize. I was given it for an infection, I never had tinnitus but after 3 days I knew something was wrong, my ear was screaming. It should never be used if you have a perforated ear drum, it states it quite clearly in the medication information. I didn't read it and have regretted that ever since.I can't answer for you if you don't have a perforation and your tinnitus has increased, but if you do have a perforation then chuck this stuff in the bin!

One year on and I still have tinnitus but it isn't as bad as it used to be, or I have just gotten tired of giving it so much attention perhaps... things do improve.


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Doc said no perforation in ear drum. Just looks dull and red. This ear infection has been going on for weeks😥

I found that using Optimize made my T far worse. I would not use Optimize again. After several weeks of using Optimize, I found my T went back to prior noise levels.

Thats good to hear that it went back to ur normal noise levels.

Tbh I just don't know what to do regarding this ear infection. Its just not budging. My ear feels soo full and obvs my tinnitus isnt happy either.

I've just come back from the practice nurse (no gp appts) and she said there's hardly any wax in my worst ear and no infection ear drum fine no fluid!! She's no idea why my ear feels so full and hearing muffled. They've also lost an ear swab from last month her best guess was I'm going deaf! Just panic booked a private ENT consultation

How are you doing today? Hope u ok.

Hello thanks for your replies. We'll would you believe it I had a lot of crackling and whistling go on in my worst ear last night and the flippin thing cleared 90%!! I give up it's a tiny bit iffy but the tinnitus has reduced a good deal. Am still going to see a consultant just to see if there's a cause for all this. How's tricks with you?

Ah thats fantastic news! Amazing! So pleased for you!I phoned 111 and said I need help cant bear it. So the doc gave me another round of antibiotic tablets. Fingers crossed they help as its been 6 weeks already!

Your situation gives me a bit of hope tho that mine might settle soon xx

Hi I know it's bizarre - it sounds crazy but I'm wondering if it was something to do with my diet! Ive been cutting out sugar this week and hey presto! I'm really sorry you're having a tough time too it sends you near daft and I'm certain anxiety makes it worse. Keep in touch with how you get on with this round of antibiotics x

Maybe I should try and cut out sugar. Bit weird but I have been craving sugar and eating more choc etc. I thought why not its a comfort in a bad time. I think Im gonna cut it out. Worth a try.I will let u know how I go. Cross ur fingers!

Ah nooo! That appointment didn't sound helpful at all😥 My ear feels clogged and muffled and the fluid has apparently gone. I'm wondering if its eustation tube dysfunction for both of us (i know my ear drum is a little dull and red but no fluid line). If our tubes were blocked I think it woulf still cause reduced hearing. I am eagerly awaiting ENT appointment.I dont think that Nurse should have just said she thinks ur going deaf when she absolutley does not know that for sure. A hearing test woulf clafify. Let me know how u get on xxx big hugs

Hi Rachel - I used Opomize Spray and it certainly increased my T for quite a while - I didn't have a performated ear drum - just an infection. I would not use Opomize again. IT was a definite side effect when I used it - but it mat not have that effect on everyone!

I have decided not to use the Optimize and told GP my concerns. He has precribed me amoxicillion antibiotics (my 3rd round) for this persistent, chronic ear infection. Once its cleared up I live in hope that my T will settle back down to its normal level. Thank you for replying.

I think you've made the right decision. Hope your ear clears up soon and the T. settles.

I often have to use otomize and ur doesn’t make any difffernts to my T

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