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Advice please

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Hello all could do with some advice have been given Otomize for yet another ear infection and it's usually done its job by the third day but this time it's day five and no change. Should I stop using it? I asked the pharmacist but he said ti see the doctor . They just give me a prescription over the phone so not been examined this time. Thanks

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I wouldn’t argue with a pharmacist.....

Phone your gp and insist that you want your ears examined. Carry on putting your drops in , I would .

Hi thanks for your reply. I've just booked for next Thursday with one of the nurses (all that was available) going to ask for a referral as this happens every few months. I'll keep on with the drops you never know my ear could suddenly unblock!

Good luck and best wishes

To you too Happy Easter

i had continuous infections optomise was usless cheapest on the market ask for another drop loads on the market

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Thanks I didn't realise there were others! I need to get to the bottom of why I keep getting them as well. I'll definitely ask for something else next week.

Ear infections are tricky. I had one in January .. and my ear only just feels back to normal. I was offered optimize but asked for canesten. I do think someone should look in your ear. Reading on .. I see you've going to see the nurse. That's good news. All the best.

Hi thanks for your reply. I want to get to the bottom of why I keep getting them - this morning it felt better but now it's back to how it was! I'm fed up with it but will see what the nurse has to say.

Yes. It sounds like you might need ENT. Can I ask .. How is your tinnitus? Do the infections affect it? Just curious.

Hi yes it affects it it's very very loud like roaring in the worst affected ear but it's quite noisy normally I think I've started to live with it though

Same here. Louder tinnitus in bad ear. It's good to hear you're starting to live with it. That seems to be the key . I'm getting use to mine after a year of ups and downs. I hope you get to the bottom of the problem very soon.

Hope so too. Thing is I feel if you dont attempt to try to live with it you'll drive yourself daft - good luck with it anyway

Hi just wondering how ur tinnitus is? Still loud? I have ear infection and my T louder too :(

Hi yep it's still roaring in the infected ear but am at my gp this afternoon so fingers crossed thanks for asking

Ah let ne know how you get on🤞

Will do

Will do

I'd avoid otomize if I were you. I. Im Convinced it caused tinnitus in my ears. The neomycin ingredient is highly toxic.

Blimey I've used it at least half a dozen times in the past!

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