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Tinnitus gone (for 2hours) the sound of silence!

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I have had Tinnitus and Hyperacusis since Nov 2019, I am resigned to having this forever and do my best to habituate and despite the inevitable spikes I’m getting on with my life.

I woke this morning at 3am and it suddenly struck me that it was quiet!!!!! OMG I couldn’t believe it, I’d forgotten how fabulous silence was, I wasn’t dreaming, it was incredible. I wanted to wake my wife to let her know but was worried if she spoke loudly it might trigger the T (it reacts to sound due to my hyperacusis)

I eventually went back to sleep excited that for me T could be gone.

I woke to the usual roaring T. Gutted. Has anyone else had a brief break from T? I will never forget this and how amazing the sound of silence was and how it made me feel.

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I'm sorry you didn't have a happy ending .. but it might go away and not come back next time. You never know. It goes to show it can go away - even temporarily. I've not had this experience myself. I think I would be over the moon. Just like you were.

I don’t know whether to congratulate you, Summer, or commiserate! Mine’s been present, mostly as an out-of-tune radio hiss with occasional screeches, for about fifty ot sixty years.

Crumbs rosie. That's a very long time. I don't suppose there was great deal of help 50 years ago.

I am very very lucky. I acquired T in my teens I think, low level, and I just thought it was part of being a teen, like being the shortest girl in the class or having ten toes. Just part of life. So I habituated easily. As I got older the T got louder of course, and now I can, only if I think about it, hear it over the engine of my car driving along a busy motorway at sixty. So it’s loud, but it really doesn’t bother me. It’s just of part of life. We all have things that we have to deal with as part of being alive, and this is one of them.

That's a brave way to look at it . I hope I can reach that level of acceptance one day.

Are you sure it wasn’t a dream !!!! Lucky you , this goes to prove

that it might go away and also

hope for us all yet .

I occasionally get one or two quiet days unfortunately it always returns and stay for many many days. Every night I hope tomorrow would a quiet.

I had 3 days quiet recently and it felt like weeks. Tried my hardest not to crick my neck or even get my chiro to adjust my jaw as knew it would set it off. Even tried to avoid total silence still for fear of it being set off or that I would be listening out for it. Felt like nothing had changed and then started to have low noise and the feeling of it coming back (like little vibrations) in my ear and neck. Sure enough only hours later it came back and now it is loud and disrupting sleep as usual. This is what I don't get about T - what causes it to stop and if nothing has changed why does it restart?! It's damn annoying.

I understand how you feel Destructor. It's the not being able to control it that really gets to me and not knowing how I will feel from day to day. We can only take each day as it comes, look after ourselves as best we can and appreciate the good days. All the best to you

Sometimes I think may be the food I had eaten the previous day that worsened my T. I used to think it was my low b12 caused my T but that was sorted out for five / six months but my T is still getting worse. Then I discovered that I have high cholesterol so I m now trying reduce it by diet. Now I m waiting to see if lower my cholesterol will lower my T.

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Jolyn in reply to Flinder

Me too flinders, so I’m trying to reduce my cholesterol.

I do sometimes have a few quiet moments - usually after I have been totally distracted. When we had the first lock down a year a go my tinitus shut up for a week! I was amazed! Now it's roaring! Is there any research data being collected about these quiet episodes?

Funny thing is when mine is quiet in the morning it will stay quiet for the whole day but if it s noise to start with it will stay noise till I manage to get to sleep often I need sleeping pills. The trouble is I have low blood pressure, high cholesterol, post menopause plus long term stress I don’t know if my T was caused by a combination of multiple health issues.

I sometimes notice that if I didn’t eat any meat the previous day then I T seemed to get quiet the next day.

Hi Summer60. I get the odd day when it’s quite and it’s a miracle and a blessing and I feel human again. I have no idea why or how this happens. Yesterday was one of those days. Yet this morning I woke with the noise that can drive me insane in both ears 😖. Was it because I had a rare glass of red and a piece of 80% chocolate? Or cause I didn’t sleep too well? I’m constantly looking for answers and so far I haven’t found answers on how or why we can have quite times and how we can possibly support their return. This summer I would have had T for 4 years. Hope you have more quite times 🙏

Yes l remember one night my t was roaring the usual anyway went out with girl friends when l got home sitting to a cuppa my t was gone silent went to bed next mourning my friend was back lol

A whole two hours of silence does sound blissful! My T is a very loud screeching noise in the centre of my head so when I once had an inexplicable and very fleeting moment of silence about a year ago it actually made me jump! The 'opposite' of a loud bang that would usually make one jump I guess.Unfortunately reading myself to sleep is the only way I can divert attention and get to sleep... and once awake start over again.


Yes, I’ve had that Summer, it’s wonderful, just a shame it doesn’t last. I make the most of the quiet days. 🤷🏼‍♀️

I had five minutes during one night. I just laid there smiling enjoying the strange sound of silence. It was only a brief time but it gives me hope that it may happen again, and for longer.

I had a quiet day yesterday all day! But it came back this morning. Every night I wish the next day would be a quiet day!

I have had raging tinnitus for a month now. Two days ago the tinnitus just seemed to fade away to nothing during the day, and like you thought it was gone. By the evening it had come back low level, but the following day was louder than ever and has stayed that way. I went from relief to despair in a matter of hours

I absolutely understand and share your frustration

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