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looking for help/advice on adapting to tinnitus


Hi there, I am new to this forum. I started having Tinnitus a week ago and it went away for a day but came back again. It is in my right ear and sounds like a dull throbbing/humming sound it can be hard to describe the noise. There was no apparent reason for it.

Its mainly noticeable in quiet rooms and especially at night time and sleep is difficult to say the least! I am masking the noise with white noise but the stress of it keeps me awake - its all very scary.

I have had my ears checked for wax and was told they were clear and healthy.

I would appreciate any advice/comments. Thanks

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Hello. PK1000

I know it’s not nice is it? I have severe tinnitus in my right side mainly . I’ve had mine about ten months .

There does not appear to be a cure beware of websites in the USA that says there is a cure. Try and relax and go outside for a walk to hear the birds etc. I’m trying to live with it. I do know it’s difficult and I do still get scary at times. I hope others will come on here today and help you . It’s not very easy to live with but things do get slightly better in time. You may be one of the lucky ones and see it go away . But don’t count on it .

From Penny.

Take care

PK1000 in reply to rabbits65

Thanks so much Penny and my thoughts are with you also. I am going to try a session today with an Osteopath to see if that helps - I will let you know how it goes. Thanks once again for taking time to reply.

rabbits65 in reply to PK1000

Your welcome .

I know how distressing things can be . Good luck .

Hello PK. I 'll echo rabbit. Beware of cures. There aren't any. I've been on a year long quest. There are things you can try that may help. A good section on treatments on the BTA website. It is hard to sleep at first. It's the anxiety / stress not the tinnitus itself . It took me a good few months to believe this. Natural sounds are good. At first I felt afraid all the time. Now it just comes in waves from time to time. Take care.

PK1000 in reply to doglover1973

Thanks so much. Best wishes to you.

Hello PK1000. Yes, tinnitus is hard. But, as time passes you will find it less intrusive.

I tell myself that I AM IN CHARGE of my health and NOT T.

I listen to the birds - and they are really going it now that spring is coming - and other natural sounds and concentrate on these. Or distract yourself in other ways such as reading or whatever gives you pleasure

I wish you well.

PK1000 in reply to Happyrosie

Thanks so much. Best wishes to you.

Hi I've been trying a headband for to try and sleep at night doesn't take the noise away but it helps me just a little I hope it helps you you can get them on Amazon stay safe and well ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

PK1000 in reply to Blademink

Hi there good morning and thanks so much for your reply. I know this sounds odd but I’ve found relief by pressing a finger on my affected while resting on the pillow and it stops the noise and I can fall asleep I hope this could be of some help to you too - it even works for me if I’m on a quiet room. Take care and stay safe. 😊

Blademink in reply to PK1000

Thank you I will need to try it out I just wish the noise would go away stay safe and well ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

I know! I really hope it’s of help to you and gives you some peace. Take care. 😊

The difficulty you are encountering with your ears will be amplified by the stress you are undergoing. Stress is bad, especially at this juncture. It is quite common for people like yourself to experience the onset of tinnitus only for it to "go away" after a short time. This could quite likely happen to you. Move on and continue with your normal routine. You might be surprised at the result. In the meantime, if it continues, rest assured that it is not life-threatening and most of us have adapted to the condition. This is a great forum, filled with people who successfully live with this infliction. It will be a great resource for you if needed

PK1000 in reply to getchegary

Hi there! Thank you so very very much for such positive and grounding comments it’s what I really need to hear right now as there is so much negative and terrifying info about tinnitus on line - I am so glad I found this great community forum . I agree stress is so counter productive and panic doesn’t help either. I wish you well and all the very best. Thanks again. Pascal

Hi Pascal

I got rid of the T I had for 40 years, just by redefining it!

If interested, please see my post from a year ago



Hello Alps. I read your post from a year ago. I'm struggling to see how it's possible. I know tinnitus isn't a real noise but it still sounds like one and won't go away ..

Thanks dog lover for your take on your T and accept you think of it as not a real sound.

So, Consider this? a powerful microphone placed by the ears will record - absolutely nothing.

So, the 'noise' that you think you're hearing is actually an illusion that the brain has created for whatever (unimportant) reason.

If you do not agree with that, fair enough - so I suggest another viewpoint? Are there not 3-6-0 degrees in a circle? So, lots of ways at looking at things.

Second Viewpoint - T is Trivia. There are more important things to worry about - for example - Real Things, such as

- Diseases, which can actually kill you or make you ill.

- Homelessness (sleeping on the street)

- Starvation

- Victims of crime


T, next to the above will not even register 0.00000001 on the scale

So, My success with the T I feel has been down to 2 reasons -

- viewing it as an Illusion

- and viewing it as Trivia

So, a combination of both has helped me to completely erase it.

My wife - who has MS and many other health probs, always reminds me of this!

Make a long, long, long List of what is going well in your Health and your Life and, for sure, it will be an awful lot.

And, when you get to 99 or so positive points, what was formerly 'troubling' you will fade away.

All the best!


I hear what you say Alps (even though I'm hard of hearing 🙂) but I don't think it's quite so simple. There is a 'noise' in my ear that upsets me day and sometimes night too. It casts a shadow over my life in a way I didn't think possible. I'm learning to live with it and trying to make the best of it. I know there are worse things of course. I'm glad your method works for you. Especially after 40 years!

Thanks so much.

I've has tinnitus for ten years. YES it is horrible and distressing at first, but be strong and look after all other aspects of your health and well-being. Try what ever help distract you from the T. A simple white noise machine at night helped me. I have also had two major spikes in the ten years, caused by side afffects to anti-biotic medications. These too were distressing. BUT I have habituated (got used to it so it is not so noticeble). It is also worth having a free NHS hearing test - ask you GP for a referral to audiology. You may get some relief from hearing aids which will correct a dip in your hearing on certian frequencies. Take care PK1000. You are not alone in you journey.

PK1000 in reply to RONf

Thanks so much for your reply it is comforting I am awaiting an appointment for audiologist. Will discuss points you raised with them. Thanks once again and best wishes to you.

RONf in reply to PK1000

Your welcome, PK1000. Going to the audiologist is a positive decision. Whatever the conclusion of that meeting continue be positive - over time it does get better - either as you habituate or as the T appears to decrease in your perception & noticeablity as you adapt to it. This forum is a helpful place to be to share your concerns and worries - and gain support.

Very similar to my first experience in January. I’m only a couple of months in, but genuinely already feeling slightly better. Despite the tinnitus getting slightly worse. Mine also started as a hum in one ear. I don’t actually use sound therapy at night, I find lavender oil on a cotton wool ball in my ear plus laying that ear down on a memory foam pillow dulls the sound quite significantly. There are lots of tips within people’s posts on here, take some time to read through. It helped me. Take care.

Hi thanks so much for your reply.

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