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Sounds of the water Thearapy

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I know it sounds crazy but just by chance I noticed when I flush the loo my T stopped for a short while. Also if I crackle something near my ear like a cereal packet that's inside the box or the cellophane packet from a birthday card etc. It only lasts a short time but is of great relief sometimes when you just want it to shut up. I am thinking of moving to the coast so I can be near the water and the waves. Anyone else got crazy things they do.

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Yeah, go stay in Barbados, near the beach. There's a constant, quite strong'ish wind and the sound of crashing waves, it's heaven. My tinnitus just disappears into the background. I've often thought of getting a recording for home, but not sure my wife could put up with it understandably.

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Audio1 in reply to Cyrtis

Recently went to Barbados on hols prior to covid. The sound of surf and wind on the beach definitely works !

In the meantine, try ASMR, sounds like that could work wonders for you. My wife loves it, however it drives me up the wall!

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Cyrtis in reply to hypnotize

What's ASMR?

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Have just found as ASMR sounds on you tube of shower played it seemed to work will try it to night I have a headband with tiny speakers in them.i hope it works as in the last 11 nights I have had about 4 hours sleep and now feel s— t

Thanks for posting about asmr I will let you know if it worked.

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hypnotize in reply to Cyrtis

Autonomous sensory meridian response - check YouTube for a million videos that will hopefully send you into a blissful trance.

Unfortunately i find the constant whispering so hard to hear that it ends up annoying me, but thousands of other people seem to get a benefit from it. Good luck.

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Joeb17 in reply to hypnotize

Last night tried the shower sound though my headband speaker’s did not think I would get to sleep because of the sound but did fall could have been just because I have had no sleep for 11 nights I don’t know.but will try again tonight I will keep everyone posted.

I find that when in the shower with the water on my head my tinnitus levels go down.but as soo as I turn the water of the volume increases.i have tried to record the sound but with no luck.have searched the wed to find the same sound then I could listen to it when T I can’t keep going in the shower.

My tinnitus gets really loud sometimes. I found a phone app that plays sounds specifically for tinnitus. It is called ReSound Tinnitus Relief. When I get stressed or distracted by my tinnitus I play different sounds mixed with some white noise. I read that the trick is to focus on the other sounds so I choose one out of the four or five overlapping sounds. This helps to relax me. If I am really stressed then there are some tinnitus related meditation recordings that I found helpful. When my tinnitus is not too loud I can lose it completely with these sound recordings with a low volume. I started leaving one earphone in during conversations, including at work, to help me concentrate. Even when my tinnitus is particularly loud and I can hear it over the recorded sounds it helps me to fall asleep. I concentrate on the other sounds or on my breathing. Anything that draws attention away from my tinnitus is good for getting me through the moment and perhaps it will eventually help me to lose interest in the tinnitus altogether, but one day at a time.

Hi Doris. When my tinnitus gets really unbearable I find playing a musical instrument very often helps calm it down. Listening to bagpipe music seems to have a calming effect as well. A hot bath or shower can also help sometimes but really anything which distracts the brain from the head noise works for me, although maybe not always. Getting outdoors as often as possible and listening to all the sounds around me can very often bring a little bit of respite from the constant hissing and high pitched tones I have to endure on a daily basis.

I use an oasis machine that plays noises to drown out my tinnitus. I find the ocean sounds the best. They are also available on my Alexa.

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