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How come I can hear my tinnitus when I put my hearings on people have sed on the forum when there put there hearings on there can not hear there tinnitus

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I don’t know that anyone has said they can’t hear their T with their hearing aids in, Whilst everyone is different, I find, personally, that the T isn’t quite so bad with them in, as the outside noises drown the T a little bit.

I can still hear my tinnitus with hearing aids in. The improved sound can help some people’s tinnitus be less noticeable.

Yes I can still hear the tinnitus but the hearing aids offer a great distraction which reduces the stress

there haven't made no difrence to my t at all I still hear it ill ring the hospital to morrow to see if I can get them checked

PeteCatton in reply to deltec

Hearing aids reduce your tinnitus they do not eliminate tinnitus believe me I have had it for over

20 years.

I had to stop wearing my hearing aids as they amplified the sounds that spiked my T.

Makes no difference to my T, but I can hear better 😊

I Have been using aids for 3 weeks now, they have a volume control from 1 - 10 and to mask my Tinnitus I need to turn them up to number 8 which makes every sound very loud and also you hear a hissing noise. I bought them form Specsavers £1695 with a 90 day full refund if not happy with them.

My audiologist absolutely insists that I set my aids so I CAN hear my T, if not , he says, I will never habituate, does not recommend that you turn volume up to drown out mr T,, personally would never pay privately as nhs ones just as good, but whatever works for you.

bantams in reply to Woodentop99

Hi, just to let you know the only reason I bought some from Specsavers was unable to get a new NHS appointment after having one cancelled in May due to Covid. I was desperate to try anything.

Woodentop99 in reply to bantams

Totally understand, but you need to push them to see you, if you are still within 90 days trial? Without mine I would go off my head (again) and I would sell my soul to the devil to get some ad T is unbearable without, so 100% understand what you are doing.

Nothing will make tinnitus go away or stop unfortunately. It might improve over time, you might get so used to it it doesn’t bother you (habituate) it might just stop for an unknown reason, for some people it does. Hearing aids I personally find annoying, I have maskers built in mine, they’re ok for a ‘break’ but ultimately habituation is the goal for me, after over 3 years, mine is moderately better now.

Could you please give any tips on the best way to habituate?


It takes time for your brain to get used to the Hearing Aids, I've have mine 6 months, and I can still hear my Tinnitus, but not as loud, I even slept in them last night, as thought that might help, but still can hear it, try and ignore it, like you would a clock, that might help you, I'm trying that, I've had Tinnitus for a long while, but have many spikes, it normally means I have a ear infection, so i use drops given to me by Doctor, I hope your hearing aids start to lower your Tinnitus soon,

Take care


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