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New diagnosis of tinnitus


Hello, I am newly diagnosed and very stressed as this is so new to me and is a constant noise. I cannot get any help from the doctor while we are in lockdown and would appreciate any helpful advice, thank you

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Unfortunately stress will make it worse (or stress alone can also cause tinnitus). It is also unlikely that the doctor will do anything. The stock answer is "you'll have to learn to live with it." I know that's not reassuring, but the sooner you accept it the sooner it gets bearable and you'll notice it less and less.

I suggest using sound therapy. Try the Beltone Tinnitus Therapy app available for Android and IOS. You can customise the sounds to help ease your tinnitus and relax. Do not try to drown it out. See advice on sound therapy on the BTA website -

Your doctor or ENT may be able to rule things out, but meanwhile _relax_. It is rarely and very unlikely to be anything serious.

Best wishes.

Thank you for taking the time to reply

I will try your suggestions

My main worry is sleep because that's when it becomes unbearable and I can't rely on sleeping tablets forever

Best wishes

Sleep is my biggest problem (but I've never been a good sleeper). I have to get into a routine. I'm in bed by 9 and asleep before 10. I use the app or listen to the radio. I have little problem getting to sleep, but I wake between 2am and 4am - I find it better to go to bed early and try and get as much sleep when I do need it. When I do I get up, I sit in the armchair and read with headphone and listen to classical or other soothing music. If there's one thing positive about my tinnitus, it's that I'm well-read.

Acceptance is key. It's important to take sleeping tablets (or other things anti depressants) if you need them, but by no means long term (as you say). we all need a little help at some point in our lives. It will get better.

My problem is getting to sleep I did have a stressful time but for approx 6 weeks before the tinnitus I was sleeping fine with no medication

This has set me back and I'm exhausted! Thanks for your help I appreciate it so much

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I agree with the above. I am only just coming off sleep meds and diazepam and that’s a few months down the line. Please take the meds as needed and slowly you will adjust. I promise you will 🙏🏼

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Yes but my worry is the sleep meds will start to be ineffective and then where are you? I'm so concerned as sleep deprivation is chronic

Thank you for replying

I've had tinnitus for several years, but it started 24/7 last year. My Tinnitus is due to hearing loss, but last year was very stressful with both family and work. I've had counselling and anti depressants many years before (other family problems). I'm lucky that as a result I was able to see the triggers and put in coping mechanisms. It still took about 6 months before I was fine with the stress, but it still has its moments.

Mine isn't hearing loss so I will have to address sleeping and stress

I feel quite scared as this is so new and overwhelming

Thanks again for replying

Hi there

I know exactly how you feel and it’s not such a nice illness to have.

I’ve excepted my tinnitus now and that’s how it has to be as it ain’t gonna go away.

I use breathing techniques to help me not concentrate on my tinnitus.

I have how ever now managed to use the tinnitus as a meditation aid.

I kinda just relax except it’s not so annoying as it’s only a noise,yup a bloody high pitch two tone noise.

But I concentrate on the noise which actually gets me to sleep.

It’s hard to explain but hey while your laying in bed with not much to do see if you can play with the frequency of the tone.dont think about the feeling of the tone making your ear vibrate but actually feel your ear own the sound

Sorry couldn’t be much more help but I can say you will harness the tinnitus and it will get easier.

What scares me is when the tone goes silly hi I then lose total hearing lose in the ear while the tone then skips to the other ear.with an even higher tone.its like some one pushing a screwer in one ear out the other

Thank you so much for replying it's so helpful to hear what actually is experienced by people who are going through this nightmare

I am so grateful to you as it's such a strange problem and hard to explain to people who don't suffer

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I know this sounds so basic but the CALM App has helped me so so much. I never could fall asleep and now I’m dinked out within 15 mins of listening to one of their sleep stories. When I do wake up usually 4 hours later I immediately put it back on and again I am able to let go of the mental anguish. Lack of sleep is such a trigger. Since being able to sleep I don’t notice it so much during the day ... such a huge relief as like you it truly was debilitating. Try the App and I wish you a peaceful sleep. 💜

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I have used the app but not with as much success as you

I am very distressed as sleep is so important and I just can't fall asleep without meds

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Hi Chunks. For what it's worth, the way I get to sleep is by blanking every single thought that comes into my head and concentrate only on my breathing. I have had high pitched tinnitus for about three years now and I have always managed to get a full night's sleep. I couldn't use any sound generators etc when I am in bed, as I think they would be even more irritating than the tinnitus!

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Is your tinnitus constant? I just can't get to sleep even trying all suggestions so I give up and take a sleeping tablet which is not ideal! I am feeling so concerned as all I want to do is sleep so I don't hear the noise but that's no way to live. I'm exisiting and feel quite scared. I have contacted the BTA and am waiting to see ENT but no-one gives much hope for this to get better so you just have to learn to live with it, but how? Sorry I'm so low any tips would be gratefully received - thanks for caring

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Hi Chunks. My tinnitus is with me 24/7. At what I call a normal level, it is just about bearable but when it spikes, the volume cranks up dramatically and makes it very difficult to live with as it is so intrusive. As I said in my previous post, I have always managed to sleep well by concentrating on my breathing and 10mg of Amitriptyline an hour before bedtime also helps. I also try and exercise during the day, mainly walking and keeping busy around the house and garden. Anything in fact to try and stop the brain from focusing on the head noise. I hope you find something soon to bring you some peace and quiet. All the best.


My tinnitus is not linked to hearing loss, but is a permanent high pitched whine. I have had it for several years now. I agree with much of what has been said in the other replies which you have received.

My personal ardent belief is to stay off meds as much as possible.

Prolonged exercise is a great distraction, and I find that being mentally and physically tired ensures that I sleep.

Join the BTA. Also look up to see if there is a Tinnitus support group local to you.

In respect of Tinnitus itself, even in normal times expect nothing from the NHS. If you get any help there at all it will be a bonus.

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Thanks so much for replying

I have joined the BTA and trying to get my head round how life has changed! I have a thyroid problem and am waiting for op so I have to be on meds for that knowing that they might have contributed to the problem

I woke this morning with such a loud high pitched whine as you described and just didn't know where to turn - I'm trying to keep very busy and hope I can sleep tonight

Any other tips gratefully received, thanks

I like all others sympathise with your current predicament for we all know when tinnitus starts it can be very distressing but like others say once you get to accept the problem, and that is the challenge we all face but you will, you will find you get your anxiety under control.

I have found that practicing relaxation techniques before sleep, which take sometime to master, and use of phone sound apps played through pillow speakers do help me get off to sleep. Like others it is in the night when I wake that I have to muster myself again by trying relaxation and the sound apps and eventually I usually go off to sleep again. As an example the current sound apps I use are free and are 'White Sound app by' and 'Tinnitus Therapy by'

In time you will get your tinnitus under control and then feel much happier.

I hope this helps.

Thank you so much I am really struggling today

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