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T shirts

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Hi last year had t shirts made using vista print uk it’s easy for tinnitus awearness week it said tinnitus you don’t get until you get it.it was a great success with people asking me what it meant so the message was getting to people about tinnitus.this year have had t shirts with the word tinnitus suffers pray for silence and on the back tinnitus look it up on the web.so please use vista print you don’t have to put what I have put it is a great way to let people know what tinnitus is about and how it affects us and people will be more understanding.


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Well done John. I like your play on words as well - awearness ;-)

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Joeb17 in reply to Ruud1boy

Thanks it has cost me for 2 shirts £24.88

Shouldn't that be "tinnitus sufferers pray for silence"?

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Joeb17 in reply to Bigbeast

Your right brain not working oh well have to go back to vista print and have the right ones done

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Joeb17 in reply to Bigbeast

Just in time cancelled order and edited new order

And maybe..."you don't get it, until you get it"

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richard56 in reply to Bigbeast

And after reading they still won't get unless they get it , get it. He he.

Thanks for continuing to raise awareness John. If you get a chance to take any photos, please do share them. Best wishes, Emily


If you could only see...

We'd feel less blind!!

On front and back of T-shirt.....what yous think??

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Joeb17 in reply to Chilledartist


Or how about...

"Dear Tinnitus...please f**k off"

Hi I remember your post last year and was going to do it myself but never got round to it. Well done you.

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