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I am thankful for......(join in)


Sometimes in life it's easier to focus on the negative that is going on, in and around us. So let's join together this week and say one thing that's good in your life and why you are thankful. Let's choose to see the positive as we enter into the Christmas week.

Merry Christmas to all you lovely folk! Our Helpline will be open on the 27th, 30th and 31st should you want to call in and have a chat.

Best wishes, Colleen, BTA Helpline Team

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my kids........im determined to have a Christmas this year

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I love this, yes your kids are such a blessing, Merry Christmas to you and your family, Colleen

My kids - the only reason I haven't brought an end to my struggles with tinnitus.

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Keep going, you and they are worth it. Be strong! Warm wishes, Colleen

Top bloke!

I'm thankful that people continue to persevere with ways to manage their tinnitus, no matter how hard that seems at times. I'm glad that they feel able to call the BTA and ask for help and I hope that they keep doing that in 2020.

All the obvious things - my husband, my family. And music - since losing some of my hearing and developing tinnitus I`ve found I really appreciate music even more than I did before.

Lynne xx

Obviously my family, my recovery from breast cancer and being fortunate I have no money worries. But t is getting harder to cope with daily at the moment. I've had bad spells before and come through them so I remain positive this phase will pass.

Ingrid xx

It must be my family. The last few months have been challenging and i have had to dig deep. I did a post about two children being left without parents. It was pulled due to religious elements. To top that, two weeks ago a friends son committed suicide. He was only 20. Their pain must be unbearsble.

It puts my problems into perspective. As my doctor once said " Cheer up man!! You're not dying". Not what i wanted to hear as i think that there is more to the quality of a good life than simply " being alive".

So to focus on positive. i am pretty physically healthy. my children are well and happy. i tell my wife how lucky she was to have landed someone as good as me. I still have my own teeth. we generally eat well. we have several holidays a year. We have a good range of friends. We feel safe in our home. We have reasonably secure jobs. We enjoy spending time together as a family. All these things i am thankful for.

The only real problem is this F@#king ringing in my ears!!!!

Happy Christmas to all. Wishing you peace, quiet acceptance and understanding.


I have to be brave for my kids and when i was about to give up i have to look after a gorgeous little ‘grand’ dog,a Pug who loves me unconditionally.

And then as this awful disability got worse along comes a beautiful happy smiley Grandson.

I am numb,lost the ability to look forward to anything, but the last ounce of my ability is devoted to them.

And i try,every day i try.

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Very touching indeed.

My husband..son..daughter..grand children and great grandsons. They make my life beautiful. Warm wishes to everyone. Barbara x

Lovely words Barbara.



This exact day last year I was planning, the end,how I got through it I guess was love and support from numerous people, I am determined as ever to more than enjoy my self this Christmas,I wish you all what you wish for yourself, that it comes true.

hey, proud of you!!

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I'll second that woodentop, family and friends but particularly this forum and meeting someone who was treading the same path and who understood what I was going through. Last Christmas I was in a fog of depression, anxiety and disbelief and to speak to someone who " gets it " has been invaluable. And as a bonus they support man city! Actually looking forward to Christmas this year.

Merry Christmas and a peaceful New year to everyone.

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Merry Xmas my friend.

Hello woodentop.

This Christmas truly must be better than last year. You have made it throught another year. It sounds like yiu had to dig deep but you made it. For that you have my respect.

I hope that you have better times next year and that they make progress in finding a way to tame this awful condition.

Kind regards.


All of my loved ones and my health, d3spite several ongoing challenges. Xx

Everything that I have with me ...

Chocolate. Really dark, mint-oil infused chocolate. Break into small pieces and just let it melt in your mouth. Mmmmmm.

Thank you for your lovely kind words. I have not had the best of weeks regarding my ears but hay! It's amazing how your words of inspiration has lifted my spirits and i am feeling better already.

Thank you

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