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Yay new sound today 😐

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So about half way through today I suddenly got a new sound. Yep the thing we all dread a brand new sound. A high pitch whine that increases and decreases in volume every so often that goes along with the static sound that is already there but I can’t let it beat me. I was distraught at first I’ll admit it but I swear to the almighty (name your god) I won’t let it detract me from enjoying my birthday on the 19th of December and to a lesser importance Christmas Day lol.

Can not believe I’m going to be turning 21...okay 25...alright alright 28...fine! 34! ☹️ getting old lol lol.

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Replying to my own post lol:

It’s annoying as hell when you manage to habituate and then the bugger decides to up and change on you or calls in a friend.

Side note: Anyone have the Tinnitus Retraining therapy number for London U.K. area? I was left a message a week ago but they didn’t leave a number now I might need them for a little assistance and have no idea how to get in contact.

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Jubster in reply to djv1985

Hi, so sorry to hear about the new noise. I got a new noise - high pitch, really screechy. Luckily it disappeared as quickly/unexpectedly as it appeared - after a few days. I know others with similar stories - but with extra noises that lasted longer than mine. Nothing is settled. Good luck.

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djv1985 in reply to Jubster

Thanks. It seems to have gone down a little bit still reacts to certain noises so I’m lying here listening to running water from my phone and watching tv at a low volume. I’ll survive it’s all we can do.

Thanks for the luck.

The static sound you said was due to a bunch of neurons already dead. The intermittent high pitch sound you are now hearing is an alert that another bunch of neurons are going to die due to starvation. Take care you maintain normal BP all the time and overcome the the present problem. Regards

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jonathan_m in reply to Kalyanin

@Kayanin. Is that a medical diagnosis?

djv1985 - sorry you have a new noise to deal with. I sometimes get 'phasing' to my other ear which then slowly fades away (slowly as in 30 secs or so). maybe your new noise is temporary as well ?

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djv1985 in reply to jonathan_m

I’m hoping. It reacts to other noises. So like if I whistle it increases for the length of time that I whistle. Same if I call out. I really hope it isn’t that hyperacusis thing.

Well done I admire you determination and spirit.. Happy birthday in advance! Enjoy your day


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djv1985 in reply to emily62

I’m doing a little better as the day has gone on. It’s still there but I’m doing what I do best which is ignore lol. And thanks for the birthday wishes.

How do you cope with the static sound I have is static hissing sometimes very high pitched if I'm distracted I don't hear it but sometimes I can here it over the noise as if noise has spiked it? X

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djv1985 in reply to Claire1210

Distraction is the main thing I lean on. It has been my crutch for the majority of my time with T. I use it at every turn. I’ve still had my bad days (a quick look at my posts will show you that lol) but yeah distraction is the only thing I can advocate because it’s all I use.

I’ve made a post about advice and tips I’ve been given by a few people and you should have a gander at those but the basic tenant is distraction: If it’s loud I go for a walk with the dogs or if it’s late I jump on the games console or whip out a book or do some online reading. I do my best to ignore it even when it’s louder than the television which it has been for the past day or so.

One best thing I was ever told to do is tell it it won’t beat u. Any time u think it’s getting t much just repeat those words “you won’t win” and it seems to help me also I have started to eat a lot of menthol lockets. It keeps my nose and sinus clear and that helps me too or at least I think it does.

I really wish I could give you the perfect advice that would ease your mental pain but that’s all I’ve been doing is sticking with distractions. It’s all I can do.

Thankyou so much x

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djv1985 in reply to Claire1210

I only wish I could give you better advice. I’m just sharing what works for me.

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Claire1210 in reply to djv1985

I know it's so horrible how we all suffer. I have a low drone aswell that when that plays up is horrible but this static one is in full force at the moment. Distraction is definetly key I can agree that just sometimes I would like to watch tele without it hissing away louder. I find I'm out alot just fully living everyday now because tomorrow could be worse. Its survival mode or nothing. Thankyou for taking time to message me and little bits help xx

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djv1985 in reply to Claire1210

Always happy to give any advice when and where I can. If you’re ever at breaking point don’t hesitate to ask for help.

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Hi djv - I hope that you're continuing to find that your tinnitus is manageable and that your distraction techniques are working - if you're anything like me, playing a game on console or PC is a good way to find an external focus point, so I would endorse this approach to the controller-inclined :-)

With best wishes to you all

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djv1985 in reply to BTAPat

I’m doing better. It was just the initial shock of a new noise that put me in a crazy place for a few hours but I’m back to being okay again lol and yes gaming is a big help for me. As I said I almost always get my butt kicked but the distraction techniques are working a lot. I’ve haven’t skipped on any distractions or belittling the T and I’m doing good.

Thanks. Hope you’re better gaming than I am lol.

That's the sound I have from the onset ☹️

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djv1985 in reply to Suzyb69

And it’s a pain in the butt. But I’ll be as strong as I can. Not letting it take over. It’s just some stupid noise. (I like to belittle it lol).

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My rank in "Destiny 2" multiplayer says otherwise, my friend...;-)

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djv1985 in reply to BTAPat

Lol lol

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