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Pulsatile Tinnitus diagnosis and cure


I would be interested in hearing other members experience with Pulsatile Tinnitus. I am interested in the process of diagnosis (hearing tests, Stethoscope test by doctor, scans, etc) they experienced and if anyone has found a cure that worked for them.

I have had Pulsatile tinnitus for some 2 years which may be a side effect of a oral cancer drug that I am taking.

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I've got pulsatile tinnitus, a product of meniere's disease. Had ct and mri brain scans. All came back OK. Unfortunately, I've had to learn to live with it now.

RobertCLL in reply to Jimac

Jimac. Thank you for the reply. Sham we have to live with this condition.

My Tinnitus is pulsatile sometimes. Recently had an MRI. Waiting results. Hopefully have CT scan if results are 'Normal'. Slow process


My pulsatile tinnitus is mostly drowned out by a hearing loss related constant tinnitus - unless I’m extra anxious.

The PT is apparently due to a structural abnormality called a high riding venous bulb on my jugular vein. The ENT dr who found it explained that it’s inoperable. I have multiple autoimmune conditions with multiple symptoms so I am resigned to ignoring both types of tinnitus but the constant high whine is definitely the worst tinnitus for me. I think knowing the cause really helped me though.

Twitchytoes. Thank you for the reply. How was your high riding venous bulb on my jugular vein found, MRI or may be MRA? Do you have the condition on both ears?

I too would be keen to know how it was diagnosed, CT, MRA, MRI etc...thanks.


My research is showing that a MRA is needed, which I have now asked for.

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