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BTA Web chat facility


Are you seeking an online ‘safe space’ to talk about your tinnitus?

We're here to offer real time support, exactly when you need it, Monday through to Friday, 9am - 5pm. We listen, advise or direct, whilst engaging with you one to one when you are unable to make a call. ​We want you to feel you are able to communicate at your own pace in your own space confidentially with one of our Helpline Advisors who are on hand to look after you and answer any questions you may have around tinnitus.

Simply click on on the icon called 'We are here!' at the bottom right corner of the screen to start your chat.

We look forward to welcoming you to our new online safe space community!

Kind regards,

Colleen Hewitt

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9-5, eh...what about 3 in the morning when none of us can sleep and driving ourselves mental

in reply to Chilledartist

I am sorry to hear you are feeling this way. It would be great to be able to offer this as a 24/7 facility, but at the moment it isn't possible. I do hope you feel like you can call us when we are open or have a chat via the webchat link. Take care, Colleen

That’s a bit harsh in my opinion, remember bta is a charity, suppose there’s always the samaritans!!!!

Hi Chilled Artist. As Colleen says, we would like to offer different hours of support and that something that we are exploring - I know that it is frustrating to need to talk to somebody when tinnitus can be at its most difficult, but at the minute our resources don't allow us to extend the service beyond 9-5 hours.

One option to consider when we're not here is this men's health forum -

Sorry if I hurt anybody, had really bad week, to often I get dragged under with this shit, and doing it all by myself, the fact that prescribed drugs for a tem

temporary problem has resulted in a perminant one sometimes leaves me feeling angry frustrated and got nowhere to go with my feelings leaves me even more frustrated.

in reply to Chilledartist

It is understandably frustrating when you are in the midst of it all. Being angry and frustrated is part of the healing process within ourselves. It's that struggle between wanting to move on and feeling as if you are stuck and unable. I remember in Africa being stuck in what felt like sinking sand along the river bank. The fear of been stuck and the stuggle to get free was quite frightning, but eventually through my own strength and the help of others I was pulled out. Remember you have people around you to help you, we are here to help, even if it's just with a phone call or even a webchat or here. Lean not only on yourself but others. You can do may take time and acceptance on your part, but I do believe you can and will in time. Have a blessed weekend and take care:-)

Hi I can feel your frustration and it’s bad. The anger is unbearable, I no that. Get all your feelings out onto this. We are all here to help each other. The people that don’t understand tinnitus and what comes with it I keep them at arms length. My anger gets worse. Heart racing and feeling like your ready to explode. Even in the morning your brain starts ticking before you have opened your eyes. And we wake up exhausted. Put everything you feel into this and we all will understand. I joined up yesterday and thank goodness now I can express how I’m feeling. Me and my partner are drifting apart. He snores and I’m in another room. I think I want to be on my own. People look at you and think your alright but if they had to see inside our heads they would see a different picture.

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