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Getting worse.


Hi all, a few years ago my GP referred me to the hospital with my tinnitus. They did the usual checks, told me it couldn't be cured and signed me off as complete. The last thing they said was if it gets worse or you need help handling it talk to your GP who will refer you again. So its got worse, my GP as referred me again but the NHS has refused the referral and suggested I get help from tinnitus groups instead. So what do you guys do to combat and live with the noise?

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Hello Andyk and welcome to the British Tinnitus Association forum.

Do feel free to ask any questions, I hope that you find this a helpful and supportive place to help you manage your tinnitus.

We have some resources that you might like to check out in addition to our home here: (information and support details) (free tinnitus management programme)

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Kind regards


Thank you Colleen.

CBT and yoga as it’s in the brain and feeds of anxiety and fear ...

Hi Andyk, hospital will have checked for Tumors in your brain pressing on an artery which can

Sound like T. You’ve been given the all clear in this regard so happy days .

You will get used to it as I have? Mine is chronic but have accepted it and although frightening at first it gets to be the norm! I will not lie to you ! Lots of people worse off and it’s not cancer so be brave and good luck

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Hello .. just out of curiosity how long have you had tinnitus for ? I’ve had it for 3 years and still struggling big time ! Jenny

I was told when seen again - as my symptoms had got worse - balance issues alongside tinnitus. That the mri I had two years ago was good for 5 to 10 years. I have been on medication to sleep since February - use white noise as a distraction while at work. I was not offered aids with backers - but still debating specsavers for this.

Thx all, I really dont want to go down the taking tablets route, I dont take any unless I really need to.

I wanted to talk to them about CBT but obviously they dont want to listen so I'll look down other avenues for that.

As for white noise at work, the only things allowed in our ears for H&S reasons are ear protection.

I know people may think I am obsessed with hearing aids/maskers, have you ever seen an audiologist about these, not for everyone with T but they make my T less intrusive?

Well I assumed it was an audiologist I saw at the hospital.

My secret has become three fold:

1) Don’t Constantly hope that it’ll go or some magic cure will be in the news tomorrow that’ll only prolongs the habituation. I gave up hoping it would go and instead accepted that it’s here to stay and it has helped.

2) keep it distracted does help. I sort of stole a few ideas and mixed them with my own and designed a little distraction coping scheme of my own which is basically distraction. In the morning it’s loud so I have my shower first thing and the noise dies down some. I go to the shop soon after buy my paper (not main shopping that’s later) then come home and read it. If it gets loud I go for a walk and most importantly I never sit around with complete silence. I miss silence but I fear it now.

3) Finally and this is probably most important piece of advice I can give: Be stubborn. Be stubborn. Be stubborn. I’m the most stubborn person you can imagine. Never consider giving in. Heck I talk to the t on the odd occasion and mock it. It seems to help lol (that makes me sound so crazy 🤪)

Those are the best advice I can give. I’ve given a few before some techniques a friend gave me (you’ll have to check my posts) and those help as well. I’m not saying there aren’t days when I want to scream but those are few and far between. Good luck and remember STUBBORNEST IS KEY!

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I talk to mine to lol

Relaxants. Acupuncture (the sight of the needles alone may distract you), swimming and mindfulness. Also theta wave sounds to help get off to sleep when T is overwhelming. I use Jeffrey Thompson’s system on CD.

I always have background noise.

And I allow myself to get angry about T sometimes when I’m alone. Then I meditate with a CD.

Stress doesn’t help my T, nor does fierce exercise nor standing for too long.

I sleep on my back or side and on one pillow only. I avoid cervical pillows and exercises. This is on the advice of a specialist. It all works OK for me personally.

When I’m awake too long, herbal tea esp. Imperial Pu Erh tea. Interesting properties - have a look on google.

I avoid OTC medication esp NSAIDs, and alcohol.

I still have tinnitus though.........

Hope some of this is helpful!

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