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Tinnitus after microsuction


Hey guys

I ve had microsuction done in a totally blocked ear like 4 months ago. I had a slight hiss in the ear and after that it disappeared. One week later it came back and it spiraled because of my anxiety into ringing crickets hissing i could hear everywhere and were very reactive. By calming down i m back at the point where i can just here it in silentish rooms and it is more like a hissing buzzing of both my ears even the one that had no problems. Do you think I still stand a chance of it going away? Any advice would be really appreciated.

Thank you

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Try and stay positive and believe, eat as healthy as you can, fruit nuts etc...fingers crossed for you, my friend

Thanks for the kind words. Did your tinnitus go away?

No, my friend, I've got tinnitus, hyperacusis, laberinthitus and hearing loss...took me a long time to be able to deal with it, still fall off the bus sometimes... Not allowed to say how I deal with it...but stay positive... Peace, my friend..


If you are very lucky hope so I found when my ears are blocked the sounds are are a lot worse I will whiss you best of luck

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Idk but I got mine from a ent pumping his finger against my ear

Did yours get better?

You have ear barotrauma which is eustation tube blockage. Go to your ent and have pressure checked in your ears. Chances are it's low. It's totally curable.

djv1985 in reply to Bryant822

Huh? Your comment made me think.

I say huh because five months or so ago when I had my ears cleaned from an infection the audiologist tried to check my ear pressure but had trouble getting pressure from my left ear which was the infected ear (post cleaning pressure was checked). She actually said she was having trouble but didn’t do much about it.

I still have t and when I swallow I hear and have a pop sound in both of my ears (right has no t) and if I drink a lot of water or something it feels like a bubble is there but that goes. I’ve had a fluid check and there isn’t any there.

djv1985 in reply to djv1985

Even when I just swallow saliva it pops. No pain or fullness unless I’m swallowing. I’m not expecting a medical diagnosis lol. It’s just your comment hit me. I’ll have to mention it next week at the docs. I’ve gotten used to the t at this point so messing about with my ears is something I am fearful of in case it changes or sends Mister T into a rage.

It definitely sounds like eustation tube blockage. That's why you hear popping when you yawn or swallow. Blockages will not let equal air pressure inside the ear and when outer ear pressure is greater it tends to push the eardrum inward creating noises (tinnitus) through vibration. Try googling ear barotrauma or better yet search you tube for dr. Alan Mandell. Hope this helps. !!! Relax , you're ok

Hey thanks for the answer. I had eustachian tube disfunction at the beginning and the ear kept crackling when i yawned etc but that then subsided and the tinnitus remained. Now i checked my pressure and it seems normal. Is it possible that I still have some blockage inflamation something in the ET?

I'm confused on how you checked your own pressure in your ears. That has to be done by an ENT with a machine . If your left ear pressure is lower than your right , then you have blockage in the eustation tube thus creating tinnitus

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