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Can’t take much more


My head is screaming like mad can’t even think straight anymore. For to much to handle been to doctors they just look at you and say what do you want me to do. Nobody can help so what’s the point no way should any body have to suffer like this. Seems there is no way to stop it I’m afraid I’m at my tipping point. I’ve had T for a while now but never at this scale my T has reached insanity yes that’s how bad this is. Good luck guys.

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Hang on in there jbradford42! My T is screaming loud today too as it always does next day after I’ve been out for afternoon in pub. I only go out once a week thankfully but it’s a price to pay next day. I’d go mad if I never went out and go insane with my T next day so it’s a lose lose situation. Good luck in your T becoming quieter soon though I know mine won’t calm down now until Monday at least.

Hi Sid, It’s been pretty loud for a while now mate but this morning when I woke it mega now. It’s to much Sid man really really struggling now. I thought I was tuff but really there is only so much a man or woman can take. Really nowhere to turn can’t go like this man. Really think it going to be like this all the time now it’s not just a spike.

Shame it’s going to last a while longer for you but I can fully understand how you feel just now. I’m like you in not bothering to go to GP or ENT now as they have no cure or relief medication. Best wishes in near silence occurring for you soon!

Dr Surenthiran 👍🏻

Do you think you might have hyperacusis as well? My T has always been affected by loud places. The last 4 months my H and T have really ramped up. Previously I've had T for 52 years and habituated to it.

I may well have hyperacusis too. My T is attributed to my years of working in the local dockyard on ships and inside tanks with poor or inadequate ear defenders supplied by MOD. Many years of my youth in dance halls and at live music concerts also contributed to my T status today. I don’t go to noisy pubs now but often music is played and constant chatter occurs which at the time seems to act as a distraction to my T but is obviously louder than my masking sounds of my hearing aids. Hopefully today it will all calm down as I get out and about locally shopping and for a walk.

That kind of work would definitely do it. My work was 42 years in the building trades, plus as a kid in a rock band. Oh the stupid things that are done as a youth!

How did we survive those youthful days of our distant past? Paying the price for it now with our T though!

Yes big time, though at the time it seemed like a good idea.

Hi I am so so sorry you are still suffering. We are thinking about you.take care.

Barbara xx

Really feel for you right now,it’s so so tough to get throw this, you believe that there is no way out, especially as we are all different in coping with our T, maskers/ hearing aids do have some positive effect on me but 6 months ago I was desperate and the gp basically knocked me out with meds but it’s just like putting a video on pause , you wake up and BANG no escape, but we can and you can get through these episodes, ok, not easy, but hang in there, and hopefully you will get some respite and hope back very soon.

Hello, you have to go and see neurologist my friend. Dr Surenthiran is one of the best

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Hi, may i ask where Dr Surenthiran work, which hospital is works at?

Thank you.

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You can find Dr Surenthiran in Medway hospital also he is a private doctor too. I think your GP can refer you to see him doesn’t matter if you don’t live in Kent. He is one of the best doctors in UK. People from other countries come to see him. Go on google find him and book your appointment or ask your GP for referral, once you see him let me know 👍🏻

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Many thanks. Best wishes.

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Neurologist is a great idea. At 53 I had my first EEG and the doc said my T is likely tied to temporal lobe epilepsy which shows in the EEG. Never had a seizure, so the diagnosis was a total surprise. I highly suggest an EEG.

Hi Jbradford,

I know you've probably heard and tried all this before. But if you're desperate:

Don't expose your self to ANY loud noise Even with protection,

Eat a raw potato, get some magnesium and zinc supplements and drink some cherry juice. If you can get some vitamin D3 that may help too. Hopefully should bring it down slightly within a few hours,



Hi, keep trying to relax, keeping healthy, and all that. Hang in there, I pray for relief for you soon. My faith and trust in God is what keeps me going.

I’m the same screaming and getting worse no one should suffer this invisible torment.

In every way its a debilitating disability.

Never thought it would get this bad.

Hang in there my friend you're not the only one well we all go through the same situation as their rings and hollering screams and then it's start coming down a little bit. You need to find things to get your mind off that noise. Good luck

Whatever you do avoid salt good luck

Hi ,I know exactly how you feel,that's mine all the time,been to numerous audiology appointments and basically discharged as they suddenly thought I didn't need to see them anymore,read into that that their is no cure read the literature (after I said I used to love reading books ,but cannot concentrate nowadays due to T) so I just get by listening to therapy apps ie white noise or natural noise s, apparently she had never know anyone to have to listen to that whilst the TV is on,the TV doesn't work to mask the tinnitus,so in reality it's torture without the white noise to watch TV,but trying to get someone to understand is like hitting your head against a brick wall.

I have learnt though that the more stressed you are,the worse it gets.

Relax, listen to some white noise /natural noise just under the level of your T,and you will be ok

HI, I've had T for 18 months now constant, I've also done the GP & ENT thing, my Doctor sent me to the specialist who just sat there and said he gets it sometimes and he puts the radio on! that was basically it after I'd driven all the way there and wasted a day. Today mine is loud to say the least but I know I can't do anything so I just try and think it's like any other pain and ignore it best I can, I keep very active but at night time when I go to bed it is a nightmare trying to get to sleep and if I wake during the night it is so loud, I just wish I could have quiet for one day. To be honest I think it is pointless going to any appointments as they all say the same thing-the problem is the Doctors we are telling haven't had to deal with it and it is so hard to explain to someone how bad it is, I'm sure my friends just think so what your ears ringing!

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Yes I get what your saying about friends. Also family. I've had said to me oh so and so has that and their fine. Thinking that this is a one size fits all condition.

Been there and done that so I feel for you. However, i have a suggestion you may not have tried yet. Had surgery last week and they gave me a scopolamine patch. After surgery I noticed I had TOTAL SILENCE in my head! Was trying to figure out which drug did it, and then remembers hearing people talk about scop patch. When I took it off several fats later T returned so I know it worked,

Additionally, I take 2.5 Valium at night for another condition, RLS, and it quiets the noise as well.

I didn’t try medication until 53, after I had T for 42 years. No reason to suffer.

I really hope this helps. Been at that tipping point many times and have lost friends to the stress of T. Try the scop!

Hi J,

I'm in the same boat. Just believe that if you can get distracted from it, your brain will shut off your awareness of it, at least for a few moments. I'm just getting over a week of the flu. The high fever racked my brain pretty good.

Don't analyze the sound. Don't fight it. That evelates the stress hormone.

I hope you feel better soon.

Hi Marlayna this sounds interesting I’ve had T for years now but only after about a year ago I could cope as it was only mild. Then woke up one morning and it was really loud both ears. I seem just to get used to it and bang up it go’s this has happened four times now the last one was so bad I wondered if I could take anymore. I’ve had an mri scan and been to the doctors about five or six times. Every time they just haven’t got any answers at all. I’ve been to the hospital to see the audiologist and they give me hearing aids as the test showed that I could not hear high piched noise, no wonder with the screaming in my head. But out of all the people I’ve seen I’ve never spoken to any doctor or person that knows about T. Please could you advise me on we’re or how I could go about finding more on Scop as I’ve never heard of it. Thanks John.

Hi jbradford42. Am SO sorry to hear of your terrible tinnitus. Mine was very bad some 18 months or so ago. It is now low and bearable, but I do live with the constant, nagging worry that it will decide to ramp up the volume one day, when I know I would be reduced to the state of mind which you are in at the moment. It is the most debilitating condition, because you cant turn it off or run away from it. Horror. I too hadn't heard of the scopolamine patches before reading the eye-opening earlier post. So I googled it, of course, and they are patches which are placed on the head, behind the ear, to aid nausea whilst bizarre. You can get them on prescription, apparently, for buy them at the chemist. I am going to get myself some and give it a go. In the meantime, I am sending you hugs and love and total understanding of the hell you are in right now. Xxx

Thanks for helping me through my trouble time, so much appreciated.

Thank you Felldweller, and yes John I would have said the same. I don’t know anything more than what has been written. I plan to go to the doctor and argue a case for a prescription for the patches myself. I think they would come in handy during the more unbearable days. I do know you wear them for three days and then take them off for three. I have not yet done the research about why using them on and off full-time could hurt. I would love to hear how they help you two!

Hi, I have just bought some off amazon and I’m currently using them I’m on my second day and I must admit there are times when my T seems to feel like it’s sort of blurred if that makes sense. Not screaming just sort of muffled so I’m going to use them and see how I get on. Now just praying it helps. Cheers john.

Awesome! Glad to read this and that you can buy fro. Amazon!

Hi what exactly have you bought? I'm just curious and how is your t now?


Hi Ingrid, I was told about some patches what sticks behind your ears they are for travel sickness or motion sickness I bought mine off amazon as you cannot buy them over the counter. I’ve had mine on for about five days one behind each ear they have helped but not mega so it’s on going I’ll let you know how I get on. Ps I’ve not had any side effects a All so that’s good

Let me know how you get on. Mine’s kicking off again, but just carrying on as normal. I suppose that’s the best we can do.

Take care

Ingrid xx

Will do, stay calm pet, I’ve also some other irons in the fire. I’ll keep you informed speak soon.

Thank you. I’ve had the worse day ever. I’m just glad I can sleep, feel so sorry for those who can’t.

Take care

Ingrid xx

Hi there, I just looked on amazon and can’t find Scop. Could it be because in the US we need a prescription and you don’t in the UK?

I’ve just had a look on using ip vanish found them they are called Scopoderm patches for motion sickness about 9 dollars for pack of 20. Cheers john.

do you listen to julian cowan hill on youtube he has some good advice, use cbt therapy techniques and chill, your stress is fueling it and round in a big 37 years in i have tinnitus retraining hearing aids at mo from ENT hospital they are great but cbt & mindfulness is best, when your in control & realxed its way way easier...try listening to this too...

if you have a high scream this usually masks it perfectly

Will do Thanks

hey man ive had it now for 4 months and its driving me insane it isn't that loud though-I can sleep with a sound machine but I obsess about it and always have the darkest thoughts why to suffer like this I still cant believe it-do you wanna talk on the phone to see how we can manage it?

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