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Tinnitus from Ear Infection, Fearing its Staying



I've had an ear infection for the past four weeks (or so) and after about week two it started the ringing, mine is a constant high pitched sound. I was given antibiotics tablets to fight the infection which didn't work, then told its a fungal infection and so was given drops that just seemed to do nothing. Was sent to ENT as an Urgent appointment and they cleaned out the ear. I told them about the ringing/high pitched sound and they became the fourth and fifth Doctor to tell me that the ringing should go once the infection is sorted and should end soon (one did say will but I'm taking the should rather than will). The ear cleaning was done this past Wednesday, 13th of Feb 2019 (it's the 17th of Fed) and now I'm starting to fear that this is going to be permanent.

So my question is, is this likely to go or stay? I know its early days when it comes to the healing etc. but I am so tired of this sound, so annoyed by this constant high pitched noise that I'm white knuckling life. I've been trying to keep my mind off of it but can't, I'm so scared that this will become part of my life that I'm actually spending time in tears.

Please tell me there are others who've had it and it has gone and does anyone know roughly how long that might take? Thank you for any replies.

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Hi! You have to have faith and patience. Might go or either way might slow down with time.

Find distractions to keep you busy. Have faith and pray to God! You will be Ok.

djv1985 in reply to Elaa

Yh that's what I've been doing. My garden, carpets, kitchen floor and my dogs have never been so clean lol.

Hi, I know it's not easy but try and stay calm. The more now that your fixated on the noise it will stay because your thinking of it constantly. Anxiety feeds this more and keeps it going. Yours is early days and the body is a great healer. Yours will fade.

Thanks Michael

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Yh I’m holding out hope and trying to keep my mind off it most of the day. Just hoping the docs are right and it’ll go. The ENT asked if I had it before the infection which I haven’t so he said that he is sure it’ll go in time. Fingers crossed but it’s only been six days since the funk from my ear was taken out and today it seems to be on low volume. So I’m hoping and praying it goes.

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Really do think it will leave you. 🙏

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hope so. Thanks for replying.

My story is the same as yours. Ear infection for 2 weeks followed by ringing, which is 2 weeks now. Has the ringing abated for you at all?

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Hasn't completely gone but the volume has gone down a lot. There are moments when I get complete silence which I've been promised by the Doc is a good sign. If our stories match and if there is no damage to your ears then it will most likely go. Can't say for sure as I'm not sure if you have any damage but if they match then yes it'll go but first the infection has has to clear and that took like a long or so before it had a clean out by the ENT doc after that it gets loud then for me it started to go down day by day. Today's is near silent so I'm hoping we match and yours does to.

Good luck.

Thanks so much for getting back to me, I am bouncing between managing to ignore it and then crying for hours. I'm so pleased that things are getting better for you, and hopefully me too. The thought of just a few moments of silence ...

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It's getting there. I was and still am in those moments. Fear that in a day or two it'll shoot back up but I'm holding strong and you should too. It's hard I know but as my doctor has said unless there has been some damage from the infection to the ear canals or the drum it tends to almost always clear up and the T will go afterwards but can take time. I'm hoping it continues to go and am keeping myself as busy as possible at the moment and trying to keep my mind occupied try to do the same. Good luck mate just let the infection be cleared first that's the important part then as someone and others have said to me give it time. Mines taken six weeks so far and my friends lasted at least two months so I'm hoping I've got a little longer before it goes.

You have my hope that it works out.

Thanks, I'm living moment to moment and I guess there's a period of adjustment. I've discovered that I like being outside on a windy day, because it covers the noise but still feels like I'm having peace and quiet.

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Same here. It's low enough now that most noises cover it and if it ends up staying which I'm 99% it won't (please God lol) then it's a volume I can deal with before it was super loud and couldn't concentrate or even watch tv but it's low enough now that I can enjoy telly and other stuff although I'm still not reading which I enjoy that's my next challenge lol. Glad you're dealing with it. Together we'll hang on in and get through cant let some stupid noise beat us even at its worse I won't let it beat me. I'm a stubborn son of a (b) lol.

Agree, wholeheartedly (and about the reading). I'm turning to sport as I feel sure I need those feel good chemicals in my body, and since there's no fun in just sitting still at least it gets the frustration out. I am not normally a sporty person, but maybe this will be a positive change for me. Do please let me know how you get on.

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I will let you know. I'm not and never could be a sporty person lol to many aches and pains. I do walk my two huskies which is more like them walking me, they pull like a bat out of hell, and I normally read while walking the streets helps me relax and enjoy what I'm reading as strange as that sounds lol.

Hope the sports help you deal. I've still got the bloody noise though it's still low.

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If I had huskies I probably wouldn't be driven to sport - it's a sign of desperation, ha.

djv1985 in reply to Jubster

Lol Yh I get that lol

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Hi wanted to check in and see how you're going and handling things? Just to throw this in: Yes I still have the ringing, it goes quiet most of the day I mean so quiet that I think it's gone. It does get loud for some time and is now and is doing my head in right this second, I'm coping though and still hoping it goes just wanted to give you an update in case you are wondering. I had a friend who said it took three months so I'm a month in on the 13th of March.

I'm holding steady but have had one or two mom nets of ARGHHHHHHHHH! In my head lol. Hope you're handling it well if you still have it.

Jubster in reply to djv1985

Hi, thanks for checking in. I'm so glad to hear the you're finding some peace and quiet. Have you managed to read a book again yet?

I am coping with it much better - it might even be quieter. I put a lot of this improvement down to your support, as it seemed to quieten down right after our conversation the other day, possibly due to the support. Thank you so much!

I've had it for nearly 3 weeks now. The first 2 weeks were among the worst of my life. Then, suddenly on Monday I found myself better able to cope with it. I stopped crying all day. I had an ear test and the audiologist said my ears were fine (no wax, unlike you I think) and normal hearing. He has suggested I go for sound therapy to help me cope. I've got to get my doctor to refer, and no doubt there'll be waiting lists, but I'm about to go and petition the local group practice.

He also said that he meets loads of people with ear-infection induced tinnitus (as you'd imagine) and for most of them it goes away.

My ear is hurting less today, so it seems like the infection is clearing up. The buzzing is still there but noises in the day mask it better. These recent windy days are great - with the wind rushing past my ears masking the tone, I can look up to fluffy clouds and blue sky and feel peace.

At night it can suddenly trigger louder if I get stressed (I think) of if someone in my house suddenly yells or plays loud music (I live with teens). I woke 2 nights ago and it was deafening, but I managed to stay calm, ignore it and get back to sleep.

So, in short, things are 100 times better than they were already. I'm now wondering if I should try to wriggle out of a stressful job I'm doing at the moment (I'm a freelance) to give myself an even better chance of recovery. It's tricky because I find that being busy at work really helps me forget it and just get on with things.

I even went swimming yesterday and *unlike last time* didn't hear the ringing above the sound of my splashing. I do wonder if I should be swimming with this ear infection, but got to keep busy ...

Thanks again, keep me updated and here's to continuing success.

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I'm glad to hear that you're dealing with it better. Yeah I have managed to read a few chapters the last day or two so I'm enjoying that again and I too have been told by a few docs that T from ear infection should go (5 docs 2 ENTs, 1 Hospital Doc and two GPs) so I'm still holding out hope that it does even a friend of mine had the ringing and said it took three months before it went.

I'm not a swimmer I mean I can sort of swim to the bottom but then get stuck. I've been told that's also called drowning lol. And I do have loud hours yesterday was one of them thanks to a stressful day working with teenagers will do that for you lol. I'm glad the talking about it helped you deal and ease some of the discomfort and the fear of the ringing that's how I was helped.

I'll keep you updated in a day or two or if I have a bad night because it does help to share the pain. I think losing my dog (she was put down 4 weeks ago) made my stress go through the roof so it probably made my ringing louder because it was the dog I was talking and thinking about last night that might have kicked it up to 11.

Good luck and keep me in the loop with any improvement.

djv1985 in reply to Jubster

Forgot to mention I'm having what I call a loud day at the moment, super loud ringing in my ear that so far has lasted almost all day. I'm coping by trying to ignore it and trying is the optimal word here lol. I have had down moments as well but I'm still going. I keep getting the reply that if it isn't killing me hen I shouldn't complain about it to which I always show them what my middle finger looks like lol.

Spoke to my friend who said hers did the same went loud then quiet then loud etc and eventually went so I'm holding hope that it'll go.

I have to rebook my doctors appointment because the GPs office claim I cancelled it but I didn't. Referrals are a pain in the backside because it takes so bloody long an ENT appointment can be up to 18 week wait but I'm going to try and push for an urgent one and hopefully get seen sooner.

I had what the ENT called infection hoop dried in my ear but no damage to the drum or ear canal. The cleaning was done about four weeks ago I was given an urgent one at the time because he wanted to treat the infection. Hoping I can push for an urgent one of go private but it's so ruddy expensive.

Bad night tonight. High pitched sound in my left ear. Doctors have yet to give me an appointment (Rang Friday was told they had no appointments and to ring back Monday morning) I actually have had a day of near silence, the ringing/pitch has been really low for most of the day and now while not super loud or anything it is more noticable. I keep getting told that I just have to hand in there etc. that it can take anywhere from weeks to a few months for it to go (if it goes) from an ear infection and most of the time I'm fine and getting through it, I'm watching telly, reading books, as I said in another comment my house has never been so clean, my garden has been through a weeding apocalypse and my dogs are shiny clean all in the name of distraction lol but right now the pitch is annoying the heck out of me.

I'm still holding out hope that it does go talking on here does help. Also I work in a secondary school so the noise of the teens screaming and running about at break times and lunch times helps as well as a sort of distraction.

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I hope you're feeling better now than you were when you last wrote. Sorry I didn't reply earlier but - on top of everything - I've had disastrous computer problems and my laptop at the menders for weeks. The doctor refused to refer me to some kind of therapy until I'd had an MRI scan, so I'm waiting for that.

In the meantime, my tinnitus is about the same as it was last time I wrote, but I'm learning to tune out and stay more chilled about it, I think. (But - just as I think that - it drives me nuts and I wonder if it's me getting annoyed or if it's got louder for some reason).

I tried to go to attend a public demonstration recently and the high pitched whistles and general cacophony was painful to my sensitive ears so I had to come home, so I don't know how you find refuge in screaming teens!

I still feel dizzy/fuzzy/foggy from the ear infection so I'm telling myself that the tinnitus might go when the infection clears up. At the same time I'm trying to be resigned to it, as I think in some ways the constant hope can make me pay it too much attention (checking if it's still there).

djv1985 in reply to Jubster

Glad to hear you're coping better. Don't worry about not replying quickly, I never do it's only when I get an email alert or remember about checking on here (usually at least once a week). Mines gone a lot quieter at the minute and the Doc doesn't want to refer me to anything for a few more weeks claiming that because its from an ear infection and that the ear can take a long while to heal after an infection (which he says in my case has gone) they want to wait a few more weeks rather than set up an appointment.

I tend to ignore it most of the time now, I'm a stubborn git so maybe that's what has helped. I'm also keeping myself busy playing about with the dogs, who yes still drag me down the streets and decide where we go, I'm there for the steering and making sure they get home at some point lol.

Hope it works out. Fingers crossed we both get free of this bloody thing.

djv1985 in reply to Jubster

I meant to ask, did you request the MRI or was it a referral by your gp? Also, is it private or NHS care? I ask because I've been told that the ringing in one ear is often coursed by something other than an ear infection, a friend told me a few days ago that she doesn't have any hearing loss that she noticed but has a hearing aid (she bought) to amplify the sound around her to try and mask the noise, she said it works.

NHS not private. I didn't request it. The first time I saw my GP they prescribed ear drops Otomize ear spray. I was highly skeptical, and rightly so as it made no difference and I can't see even how it might have reached my inner ear. I think he just gave me something to go away.

My second step was to go and get my ears tested in a free test at Specsavers. The specialist was very helpful. He said I had a little hearing loss in the upper registers but within the normal range for my age (I'm 50). When I told him how debilitating the condition is for me, he wrote a letter to my GP asking for me to have "sound therapy" which I assume just means a specialist appointment to help me cope.

I took this letter to the group practice I'm registered with and purposefully saw a different GP this time. The new GP agreed to refer me to an ENT appointment but she said their policy was to send for an MRI scan first just to check there is no physical issue. After that I can have an ENT or neurology appointment.

I must admit I wish I was going straight to ENT or neurology. I think it highly unlikely an MRI will find anything because I have it in BOTH ears. I hadn't realized you had one ear only -- must have missed that bit due to annoying ringing in ears, lol.

I have a friend who is a highly experienced GP and he told me that their practice always sends for MRI scans if one ear, but that it's extremely rare to find anything from these scans. He also told me that they then send patients to either ENT or neurology - it doesn't matter which -- just the one with the shortest waiting list!

djv1985 in reply to Jubster

Thanks for getting back. I might pinch your idea of going for an hearing test only I'm 33 (though an old...very old 33 lol) and so might see what they say and how much it'll cost me. I'm going to mention it to my GP about some of the stuff you've mentioned and see what they say. I'm doing a lot better with it, I'm coping because currently and for the last day or two its has been much quieter and easier to deal with, I'm back to watching television and reading (sony speaker helped so much, you can have it right beside your head if you want and can hear a lot better) and so I'm coping.

I'm confused about the MRI but I suppose that's what doctors are for lol. I really hope you find a way to cope with it, couldn't imagine having it in both ears (praying I never do) but as I said in another comment, because I'm a stubborn s.o.b I think my brain has sort of settled into it. Good luck and hope you get the help you need and as I said to someone else, we're both T free.

Oh I should say, a friend I know said she had an ear infection and cold a few years back and the T in her ear (both) lasted about three or fourth months after the infection was gone so being only six weeks in myself since the infection went, I'm holding out hope.

Jubster in reply to djv1985

I think the hearing test at Specsavers is free for anyone.

Jubster in reply to Jubster

Just book online, no need for doctor

djv1985 in reply to Jubster

Back at the doctors today. Woke up this morning and found the other ear infected well it seems infected. The ringing has reached a tolerable level for me but I can’t think of how I’m going to react if the other ear starts up as well. I think I’ll lose it at that point. So ticked off that I could have another infection in the other ear haven’t done anything to it haven’t use ear buds and kept it dry when I had my shower and yesterday had a bad pain in my ear and this morning I could just tell.

So I don’t know how I’ll react if this one starts with the t as well because I’ll end up with it in both ears and worse the T in my left ear has only just reached a low enough level that I could cope but in both ears and I know I’ll snap so now I’m sitting in the docs waiting room peeved and wanting to scream. Really starting to hate my life right now.

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Thanks for the reply. Yeah I'm probably going to do that. I was told that the high pitched ringing noise in my ear could COULD be a sign of hearing loss, even though my GP said you can't really lose hearing from an ear infection which the ENT later said wasn't true that damage can lead to some hearing loss, so I'm thinking of just checking with the local Specsavers. I managed to get an appointment with my GP for Friday so I'm going to bring some stuff up with him and see what he says and I managed to ring Lewisham Hospital where the ENT doctor was and spoke to them and they said that it does happen, the ringing lasting for a long time afterwards and said that I could come back and see them but I would still need a referral from my GP, I said I couldn't wait another 18 weeks and he said "Just try to talk your doctor into doing it as an urgent appointment" so I'm going to pass that on.

I will say I had two days of it going and coming back during the day and night so I'm hoping that's a good sign but at the moment I'm just waiting to see what the doctor says. I've been told that some people still get hearing aids even without much hearing loss to help with the tinnitus so I'm thinking maybe that might be a route to go down.

My reply took so long because my PC somehow managed to delete all my passwords so I had to spend a few days trying to remember them all, but I've written them down now just in case lol.

Hope things are looking much better for you now.

I've had my T for just over 4 weeks and it's constant - never goes away although I'm gradually learning to better cope with it. Last week wasn't too bad for me although for some reason it's been louder today.

Got mine after a cold and my ears felt "clogged". I'm fearing it might be here to stay so I'm trying to get used to the fact I'll always have it.

I'm going to try and book another doctors appointment tomorrow and try and get a referral to see an ENT specialist as I want to know exactly what the cause is and if it can be treated.

djv1985 in reply to shabbagaz

Hi, sorry you're having a bad day with it. Mine has got a lot quieter and I can say that I tend to have moments of it being either completely gone or so quiet that I don't notice it. I don't wear ear phones or anything like that at the moment I'm trying to force myself to ignore it and carry on, the fact that it isn't as loud as it has been makes it easier.

I haven't yet had a doctors appointment, ringing again tomorrow, I'm trying to stick with the same Doc whose been helping me with my ear the last few months and he has been off for a week (last week) and so I have to try and get an appointment tomorrow (for sometime this week). My advice is don't let them just refer, what I did was ask for an urgent referral, was told that it would take two weeks rather than 18 which is on the extreme end but usual for most NHS referrals and then after a week just keep ringing and speaking to your doctor and moaning that you've not had a letter, I did that and my doctor ended up doing it by phone rather than another letter and I was seen a week and a few days later.

Hope it helps and works out. At this moment, if I'm stuck with the noise as it is now then I'll cope, turning the television up a little louder than normal, adding surround sound speaker lets me hear the television so I can enjoy that (love my films/games) and I'm able to read and man if you knew me well enough you'd know how much I love my books and I can get back to that.

Hope things work out for us and we're T free soon.

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Just wanted to check in and see how it’s going. My T has reached a level that I can cope with in my left ear but as I said in a newer comment I’ve now got an infection in the right ear although I’m at the docs now waiting to be seen but I can deal with just hoping whatever treatment they give will work better than the first time around.

shabbagaz in reply to djv1985

It's not been great the past few days and it was bad for a short time this morning. It's settled down since then thankfully.

Planning on booking a doctors appointment tomorrow morning and going to try and get a referral to the ENT specialist.

djv1985 in reply to shabbagaz

Good luck. My advice is to ask for an urgent one don’t let them give you a normal waiting time if you can help it because it could lead to an 18 week wait at the longest. I kept moaning when they said it would take up to 18 weeks and was in tears at one point begging for them to do an urgent appointment.

Good luck and hope they get it done sharpish.

I want to add that I’m going to try and force a new ENT appointment. Another urgent one. I rang the ENT place that saw me last time and reminded them that the ENT doctor there said that if the noise hadn’t gone within four weeks to come back and see them and was told that I couldn’t do self referral so I had to try and talk my GP into doing another urgent appointment to be seen which I’m sure won’t be easy (nhs and all their cuts).

djv1985 in reply to djv1985

Just came out of docs and yep another ear infection in the right ear. Doctor doesn’t understand why I’ve got another so soon but thinks that it’s possible the infection wasn’t cleaned all the way out and it took some time for the infection to regrow or whatever lol.

Said that we have got it early so it could help get rid of it quicker and if it doesn’t she said I can ask to be given an emergency ent appointment to have it recleaned.

Also she said my Tinnitus could take a long time to shift. She said it’s not like an unexplained appearance that we know what courses it so most likely it’ll go but didn’t want to say it would for sure as docs don’t say for 100% about anything but said t could a while possible up to a year due to the delicate nature of how the ear works. Which gives me hope. She did say that GPS are usually given basic training for tinnitus rather than deep training but it’s a known issue with ear infections and does differ for everyone. So hope is back in my head for a while at least u TIL Tuesday when I have my next appointment.


Lying in bed and panicking over the new ear infection. Well panicking might be a strong word but worried. Used the spray and drops once so far and will be doing it again at 10 or 11 until morning but my experience with the left ear is putting a pretty big dollop of fear over the new one.

I know I’ve only got to wait until Tuesday to find out if it’s worked or if they want to send me up to ENT again but I’m so worried it’s going to block up again like the left ear. Little shaken now and feeling like I’m going to lose it by Sunday if it blocks up.

Gonna be worse if it ends up getting blocked and then have to wait for an urgent appointment which even then could be two weeks 😩. Can’t believe I have another infection. I mean I kept my ear dry didn’t use ear buds and even kept my head out of the water when showering but I still get it 😡.

I know before long I’m either going to be in tears, near tears or breaking down.

hi djv1985 and shabbagaz

Let me share my story with you. I am a guy who doesnt get ill often so when my 'andventure" started i didnt do anything. I understood that i didnt get better when i couldnt hear well, i had high pitch tinnitus (for the first time in my life), a new general pain around my mouth/teeth. I went to a random ENT and unfortunately he did a wrong diagnosis (allergy). I got even worse, no way to chew and eat anything from the constant pain.

Again to a doctor but not a random one, some friends told me about him. Indeed, he was a man first then a doctor. I had a serious infection and gave me the proper medication. Gradually, I felt relief and propably escaped hospitalization..

(Here starts my tinnitus journey)

My tinnitus was the only sympton that kept going but slowly i felt it less and less..

After two weeks, a friday, i decided to go to a music festival with friends. My tinnitus was back and strong. That weekend i couldnt sleep and felt anxiety. Monday afternoon, i went to a ENT (i searched him from an online site in my country and he had good ratings). The diagnosis was accoustic trauma in my left ear. he told me that my ears was still weak from the past infection and i should have avoid places with loud noises for a loooong time.. He ensured me that we will deal with it and it is important to fight my anxiety!

My prescribed medicines is cortisone (special doses from mouth) for 9 days, something for my stomach (due to cortisone), vitimins with b1, b6 and b12. I also take magnisium and ginkgo biloba. They are known for helping with tinnitus. AFter 9 days i ll visit him again. i hope the best for me and for you guys!!

Ps. I m not a native speaker so i apologize for any mistakes

i ll never visit only one doctor or a random one!

i ll never take my hearness for granted!

djv1985 in reply to A_friend


Thanks for sharing your troubles. I’m doing okay now. Still have the ringing in my ear but it is a lot quieter than ever. Doctors still think it’ll go but that it’ll take time. I don’t take any medication other than the drops when the ear was infected. I’m rarely sick as well but when I get ill I’m almost out of it most of the time.

I’m hoping mine goes but at this point I’ve set my mind to it staying and am just trying to cope. I’m lucky my doctor is pretty good at least the current one and has helped me a lot with fears and worries and has even referred me for a second ent appointment so soon after the first. I’m holding hope that it’ll go but like I said I’m dealing with it as best I can.

Hope things go right for all of us.

I've had T for about 8 weeks now, due to ear infection, taken the course of antibiotics prescribed and tried all the usual tricks Decongestants, steam, vasalva, nasal sprays etc but nothing seems to work.

managed to get a Dr's appointment, who was going to do a referal to ENT, that was three weeks ago. Rang the ENT this morning to query my appointment only to be told no request has been made, rang the surgery only to be told they haven't got to it yet.

It's as if nobody cares, i'm at my wits end, the noise is almost unbearable and the only advice i've been given s to try and get used to it!

djv1985 in reply to cplcarrott

Okay firstly my heart goes out to you as it does with anyone who suffers with T. I know there are worse things that you can have but when you say to people “it’s like a horrible bell ringing in your ear super loud all day everyday even at night” they seem to think they’d be able to deal.

1) demand an appointment. Thankfully my doctor got on it straight away. He wrote it down in his diary that moment and contacted me a few days later to say it was set and I would hear in two weeks. A week went by and he contacted me and asked if I’d heard from ent I said no he rang them that day and had an appointment fixed and set a week later (Feb 13th). I had my ears cleaned and two ent docs said the noise is normal and can take some time to go due to the ear being a very delicate thing to heal. That was a month ago.

2) say to your doctor who much it affects you...again (I’m sure you’ve explained this time and again) and make sure you say that it needs to be urgent even if you have to say you’ve reached the end of your rope. I was in tears mostly out of fear.

3) I wish I could give you advice on how to deal. I can tell you that at the start I didn’t do anything and was more miserable than Scrooge at the start of Christmas Carol. I can’t tell you how I coped then or now I just had no choice but to live with it. I really wish I could tell you to do this or do that. I just listened to loud music through my iPad speaker right beside my head literally when going to sleep.

I’ve been told the same thing about grinning and living with it and my reply is usually them meeting my middle finger lol right to their face and it makes me feel a little better. I can only say that I’ve been told time and time again by what must be six or so doctors including two ents and two emergency care docs that it is normal and as long as there isn’t any damage to the ear drum or canal it will pass but it can take some time but mine (now second month since cleaning) has slowly but surely gotten quieter and quieter. I’ve had one or two spikes and it’s loudest when I first wake up but even that isn’t as loud as it has been or when I’m in silence it tends to be noticeable. Even a good wind can make it hard to hear. For the spikes I read that doesn’t work for most but a few pages in and my mind is somewhere else so it seems like the docs are right and it is going or at least is now at a point that I can deal.

I wish you all the luck in the world and just hold on. The NHS sucks at waiting times but with enough pushing your doctor should get an urgent one if they say they haven’t gotten to it tell them to get it done or go to a different doctor (younger ones seem to be more helpful in most cases). I hope you can cope as best you can. If you’re having a truly bad moment I’m only a message away I have a small case of OCD and will have to answer messages as soon as it shows up on my phone so any message won’t get a long wait.

Good luck.

hi cplcarrott

We understand what you are going through and how hard it is, dont give up! i have it almost 7 weeks now, from an ear infection like you. When i was ill i had to deal with fever and severe pain around my mouth, i couldnt even breathe properly. The ringing in my ears was quite strong but i was sooooo exhausted, my sleep time was like a coma..

My anxiety about tinnitus started 2 weeks later, when all my symptons were gone except this one. My family helped me to cope and be optimistic, also the nights the tv in the next room was always on (not loud) so i could concentrate and sleep. And yes, after 5-6 weeks i could and i coudnt hear it.

I was careless tho, last friday i went to a music festival. Tinnitus was back and strong, i couldnt sleep more than 3 hours 2-3 days. I went to an ENT, i searched for a good one (and i dont mean an expensive one), after some tests the doctor said my left ear had hear loss from accoustic trauma. My ears were still on recovery after the infection and i should have avoid loud noises atleast for 3 months.. That moment i was so upset but he told me that we will deal with it and i should be calm. What i do now, i take the medicines i was prescribed plus some supplements. I try to work in quiet places and my earplugs help me to move around. i wish and believe the best for all of us!

djv1985 in reply to A_friend

Hi sorry I didn’t reply sooner. I’m glad you’re dealing with it and I do too most days. I get moments when I wanna scream out and stamp my feet but have no release although I do manage to calm myself down and get back to life. I’m in a good place and luckily am dealing with it better other than the odd day or moment when I think it’s gotten louder or I notice a change.

I do wonder if you’ve been offered hearing aids. I ask because you mentioned some hearing loss and I know a few people who said that their t was dealt with with hearing aids because it was there thanks to t. Also you said you wear ear plugs, do you mean for silence and if so doesn’t that make your t worse or more noticeable? I try to reframe from wearing plugs or listen to music through ear buds mainly because I don’t want to spike my T and ear plugs would make my T more noticeable.

Got a letter today for ENT hospital to call and sort out an appointment. It’s NHS so I’m expecting a wait as usual. Thought I’d keep people up to dat on my fun battle dealing with this horrible no good down right annoying Tinnitus.

Oh and Doc now thinks that it may be from slight damage that they can’t see. Said it should’ve started to go by now or at least lost some volume (it goes quiet but comes back no more silent pauses unless I’m out in the streets near roads and a heavy wind is blowing) so now thinks the ear infection fungal infection may have left some damage.

Side question: Can heading aids help even if the hearing loss is minor? Last appointment ENT doc said that my left one is weaker possibly because of the infection (not exact words) so I’m thinking could that be the reason and if so what do u fellow sufferers think, should I ask about hearing aids even though the loss is either slight or none at all? Do they even help with tinnitus if there is no loss?

Side side note: what about sound amplifiers. I read online that a portion of people who suffer from it wear amplifiers in the aids to increase the sound from around them and was wondering what u guys thought. I

djv1985 in reply to djv1985

Made the call and was given an appointment for June 😐 lady on the phone said it’s a long wait but the earliest available for the ENT. I mean I’m thankful that I’ve got one and it isn’t six or eight months from now but still two more months. Just another update.

djv1985 in reply to djv1985

New gp appointment for Friday 11ish to have the ear infection in my right ear checked. I’ve been using canastan drops for two weeks (tomorrow) so hopefully that’s kicked the minor infection. I’ll update Friday afternoon time.

hey djv1985, how are you today? I hope you feel better!

Sorry for the late reply, from yesterday i see some proggress! I spoke with my

doctor from the phone and we will arrange a new appointment soon. He also told me until we meet i should keep following the medication.

No, i dont use hearing aids because i didnt have any problem before the accident. Yes, when i wear my earplugs i can hear it much louder, i dont care tho. That way, i protect my ears when the enviroment isnt quite and until my ears are better. Somehow, It also helped me to habituate and sleep (now, i dont leave the tv on everynight). When i remove the earplugs i feel relief because it sounds "weaker" (ofc, it is a cheap placebo trick..).

I still believe that tinnitus is a warning sign and not a permanent situation, If you havent any other problem with your ears or your health. But we should not ignore it and find a doctor we trust so we get a treatment as soon as possible. :)

Glad it helps you I just couldn’t cope with the ear plugs lol. I’m still holding hope that it’ll go eventually and by eventually I mean soon lol if it stays then I’ll have to cope. I’m glad you’ve found a way that works for you.

I’ve been told that Tinnitus from a bad fungal or normal infection can take anywhere from 3 months to 6 months at the least to heal but thankfully I have an ent appointment next month so I’m writing down any question I can think of. Can I bend your ear and ask if you can think of any just in case I’ve missed one.

djv1985 i think your ears like mine are still on recovery after a nasty infection, you should try to cope with earplugs atleast when you are outdoor for some time. Did your doctor checked you for any hearness loss, because if that the case you should start treaded as soon as possible.

Also, you have dealt with 2-3 infections the past couple months, It would be wise to take some supplements to strengthen up your immune system and your ears. I was prescribed with vitamin b complex supplements from my doctor. i decided and bought magnesium and gingko biloba too, i read on the web that those two have helped some people with tinnitus issues.

My tinnitus is a high pitch noise, i hear it coming from the center of my head. Every morning gradually, after a good night sleep i feel like the pitch tone is higher and weaker, so i want to believe it is fading :)


I spoke with my doctor again, he reminded me that i should avoid loud places and visit friends while they are sick!

I dont forget to clean up my earplugs every night!!


I’ve just got the al clear from the second infection in the right ear (non ringing) and have been told time and time again about the waiting lol even though today 13th is literally the second month and have been reminded how delicate the ear is and that anything up to six months are normal after then they said they’ll start to consider it long term and then deal with it differently not that there’s much then can do lol.

Victims aren’t really something I take. I’ll speak to the doctor next time I’m there, they’ve booked me in for another appointment in two weeks or so I think haven’t got it to hand but I’ll mention it. I’m super rarely sick like if ever I can go the whole year or more and be fine but when I get something I’m like a dramatic man flu victim and can barely move lol but I’ll ask.

I’m dealing with the noise most of the time but do have those moments like most people with it I just get a little snappy especially when I’m told “it’s just a noise ignore it” or “it can’t be that bad Dan, if you’re reading or watching tv” that ticks me off but I’m usually pretty good with it. Mine is a mix of noise it tends to be a ringing but can on occasion be high pitched but that doesn’t last very long usually goes back to normal. It has been very soft most of the time since the original infection and cleaning was cleaned. I’m holding out and hoping that it’ll go. Did your doctor say anything about it going after the infection and how long it’s expected?

hi djv1985, i had the ear infection first and after some time the accident with the acoustic trauma.

I remember my doctor said it was wise that i visit him when my tinnitus was back strong after the music festival, he had the time to diagnosis the acoustic trauma and prescribe me medication immediately. He also mentioned that i should avoid loud noises for 2-3months. I m still positive and believe for both of us :)

djv1985 in reply to A_friend

I meant to answer this but phone got knocked out of my hand and into his water bowl by my Husky and forgot my details lol. I’m glad you’ve got a Doctor who seems to be willing to help you with your Tinnitus and I’m holding out hope for us as well.

I actually spoke to my doctor who said there was no damage to my ear at all. That the drum was clean and healthy that the ear canal looked as it should and that my infection was the outside of the ear (in front of the drum not behind) and he thinks the noise is there because the ear drum was getting either no noise or so little that the brain and the ear drum couldn’t communicate as they normally would so they went into over drive which may have led to it that was the only thing he could think of and I was to mention it to the ENT in June.

I’m hoping for both of us (and all sufferers) that it stops.

hi djv1985

Indeed, my doctor is oversensitive with patients who got tinnitus. Before he become a doctor his hobby was underwater fishing. Then one day he noticed a constant sound from his ears. Yes, he has tinnitus like us!!

His doctor didnt gave it the proper attention, he told him something like: "You are fine, you just have to wait". That is why he told me it was a correct choice to visit a doctor after i noticed it. So i could start a treatment immediately and have a good chance to get rid of it! From now on, i will always try to protect my ears from loud noises :)

How are you, physically and emotionally? Do u feel any difference as the days pass?

djv1985 in reply to A_friend

Compared to the beginning I am far far better at handling it. Actually most days and nights I can get on with my day, have a joke and a laugh and even (and I’ve said this before) enjoy reading watching television and playing video games for a few hours. Emotionally I’m good, there are moments when the ring turns into a high pitch (like now) but it tends to either last an hour or quickly become a background noise which is why I’ve said if it stays like this then I’ll deal with it (even though I’d sooner have it tack a hike if possible lol).

I’ll say that recently I’ve started waking my dogs almost as soon as I wake up and I think that’s helped. Somehow I can’t put my finger on it but it seems to have helped. In fact if I’m outside I tend to get near silence.

It might sound strange but part of me wishes my doc had experienced it at one time just so they wouldn’t tell me I just had to grind and bear it. Do you think you’ve changed in dealing with it since you first got it?

I’ll say it like this: compared to the first four weeks I’m good. Not great but good. As I said I’m a stubborn git and I think that has helped because I could t do the things I liked and it bugged me because I couldn’t see me enjoying my life with it but then suddenly it just changed I can’t say for sure when or why but at some point I could just handle it, I know it was sometime after the ear cleaning by the ent 🤔 maybe he took out a piece of my brain at the same time lol.

hi, djv1985

i m very glad to hear these news for you, you give your best to deal with it!

As for me, I keep taking my supplements (multivitamin with vitamin b complex, magnesium and gingko biloba) and wearing my earplugs during the day, remove them the night.

As the days go, i cope with it but i also see progress. Source of my strength is the strong feeling that i ll overcome this problem. Good news, i found 2 people from my enviroment that have dealt with tinnitus and their ears are ok now, it needs time tho.. but I m a very patient person :)

I pray for all of us (tinnitus sufferers) to wake up one day and it is gone!

djv1985 in reply to A_friend

Glad you’re coping. Never done the ear plug thing just somehow can get on with my day and toning it out. I’m happy to hear that people you know have gone through it and it’s gone for then it gives me hope.

Well add five more months to my wait. I was sent a letter and phoned by the ent doctors about two weeks ago and given a date for the 12th of June a pain but I thought great I’ll deal with it until then and then today a new letter came with a new appointment for tomorrow I rang them up due to the confusion and told that my appointment was changed to tomorrow. I explained that I wouldn’t be able to make it tomorrow (long story) and was told the only other option was a new appointment would be September 5th if this year.

So I’m now stuck waiting even longer. Don’t get me wrong I’m usually a defender of the NHS but sure seems like their pants today. Oh and for those wondering I couldn’t get the day off from work tomorrow because my manager and boss think Tinnitus is just and I quote “an annoying noise” so if I take the day off it’d be as non paid and I can’t afford to lose what little I already earn.

So ticked off now 😤.

djv1985 in reply to djv1985

Just rang them after finding a voicemail about ten minutes ago and been told that the September appointment is not on the cards and now I may have to wait to be referred again by my GP and hope to get an appointment at some point can know when but they plan to ring me again tomorrow to see if they can “squeeze” me in somewhere.

So now I’m double ticked off 😤😤

Bro, I read all of your replies. How are you doing now? I'm really curious and hope you are doing better than ever. I'm also experiencing T and came across your post by searching about it on Google

Hi I’m doing a lot better. I’m at a point where I can live with it. I barely even pay any attention to it now. It’s like background noise thankfully.

The early days were the worst and the occasional change brought me near tears and breaking point but Yh I’ve reached a point where I’m okay with it.

How you holding up?


Hi did you see my post on 2 nd ear infection ? I got it in both my ears I was put on antibiotics ear drops and antibiotics tablets I also had fluid in both ears which got micro suction out by the NHS as fluid in the ear was stopping my ear drops getting to my ears my Right ear is cured but my Left ear is still recovering so I don't see why your ears shouldn't are you on any drops or tablets?.


djv1985 in reply to Hidden

No. No drops. No meds. I had the same treatment and the ent said that they have no idea why it’s still there that there isn’t any damage that there is no damage to the canal or the little hair. The ear drum is fine etc so they didn’t understand why it was there. I’ve gotten used to it now. I keep getting told “oh maybe it’ll go one day” but I’ve had to ignore that hope because it was making it hard to get beyond the noise.

I’m super glad that you’re on the mend. It’s always good when I hear about someone who has it and have gotten rid. Don’t know why.

And I didn’t see your other reply.

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