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Reiki helped


I have had tinnitus since early October 2018 so relatively new. I had a brain scan and saw the ENT but could find no cause.

Sometimes its hissing like steam escaping and sometimes it pulsatile. When i open my mouth wide or move my jaw from side to side or turn my head it changes in pitch and volume. It drives me insane.

Last week a friend recommended reiki with a guy in Hove Sussex she had used. I cannot believe how much it helped. I felt intense heat to my ear as he was doing the reiki healing. Within an hour my tinnitus had almost gone and by the next day i couldn't hear it. It stayed away for 3 days but came back yesterday in a different sort of way. I suspect it was because i took an ibuprofen as they do make it worse for me. Its not so pulsing now and a quieter hiss. The reiki healer told me before he started that it was normal for it to lessen for a while but not completely go until after 3 to 5 treatments. The healer is a tinnitus sufferer himself. I am a sceptic but it was the best £45 i have ever spent.

Not sure what the views are on this but i would be interested.

Owley 🦉

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Really pleased that it worked for you 🖒

But in my view is that this sort of woo woo should stay in San Francisco with the rest of the hippies! 🙄


Yup. I guess I'm ignorant too, but a thought of any woo woo makes my tinnitus scream :)

I tried it, it did nothing but pleased it helped you !

hi owley,

this looks interesting. who was the reiki healer as I might check it out as I am also in Sussex area. BTW, you say he is a tinnitus sufferer, does that mean Reiki didn't work for him?

Hi Patch.

Do you have an email i can send details to? I believe he said his tinnitus is caused by eustachian tube dysfunction and its intermittent but chronic condition thst comes for a few months at a time then goes away. I dont know if he does or reiki healers in general can do reiki on himself/themselves as didn't ask. My next appt is Weds so will ask him. Its been 2 weeks on Tuesday since i had it and it is improved a lot and changed course a bit from a constant hiss to an intermittent buzz/hum. I also saw my ENT thurs and asked for an angiogram and he said its an invasive procedure you dont need as your scans were clear and your carotid arteries are clear. The surgeon actually said to me save your money (i saw him privately) and use it on some relaxation therapy or reiki to help you. I was shocked ad the meds usually poo poo any alternative type treatment. The heakerytold me mine is stress and iam hearing intrinsic body noise that our brains usually dont hear when we are not stressed. I dont know what the answer is or if there is one but i will do ANYTHING that helps this hideous tinnitus. I hope you also feel better if you have reiki. I have also heard cranial sacral therapy is good but i guess if any of this worked miracles tinnitus wouldn't exist.. Owley 🦉


. Sorry tired so typing errors

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