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Fed up reading this when the answer is very obvious


The majority of people with tinnitus, about 80 percent, are not bothered by it; it doesn’t affect their sleep or their ability to concentrate. The small percentage of people who struggle with the noise in their head can be more prone to other debilitating mental health problems, like depression and anxiety. It is not yet understood why tinnitus affects people so differently.

IT'S THE VOLUME!!!! For those who have very loud tinnitus life is torture. If you can play a background sound or concentrate on other things and (zone out), forget your Tinnitus then it is a little easier to live with. If we don't have a cure yet lets try and find a way to lower the volume for the poor 20%. I have had T for 10 years and it did not affect my life at all as the volume was low but if I listened I could always hear it even in a crowded pub. For the last three weeks it has been at an almighty volume reducing me to tears, thank God the volume though still very loud has at least gone down considerably and I can now concentrate for short periods of time.

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Mine is very loud

Mine too

I think that our T volumes vary according to posts read here but I agree that high volumes are most annoying and affect our lives most. Along with T there are other health problems, both physically and mentally, which affect our T sounds. The main thing is to learn to fight against these health issues where possible as this is key to lowering our T sounds. This is especially the case in mh issues as the combination of these with T can certainly lower ones moods. Hopefully some cure can be found soon.

I agree too, I had it 15 years at a very low level would have to be in a soundproof room and stick my fingers in my ears to find it so never effected me at all. just carried on with life as normal, and would laugh and say I have Tinnitus....... I never thought it could reach the intrusive level it has now, Nov 17 I got a ear infection all hell breaks loose loud intrusive tinnitus that up to this point has changed my life, panic attracts, anxiety, depression, and the feeling of hopelessness, 5 months off work, lack of abilty to function, the hardest part is afraid to look after my daughter on my own, incase I have a panic attack I fight a battle everyday now and need sound enrichment everywhere, or I just find it too overbearing to be alone with..... hopefully I can habituate in time i am 13 months and am doing better .....

Glad to hear you are now doing better, keep fighting and stay as strong as you can. I can't help thinking if a Royal or a famous celeb was to front or patron the BTS we would get more help and funding for research. When we can send spaceships to the edge of the solar system and understand the brain more than ever I find it astounding we have no resolution to T or just to reduce the volume.

I totally agree with you. We definitely need more publicity and backing for research. I think the idea of someone Royal heading the cause is a great idea, perhaps we should start a petition 😁

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I totally agree with you ... something needs to be done and quickly before we all go crazy !,! ,

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Hi I’ve been wondering how you were. Decided against private messaging you just in case it brought the t to the front of your mind.

Mine is ridiculous at the moment, but just carrying on the best I can. Had a very bad day yesterday, but better today as I’ve been so busy.

Praying that there’s good news for all of us soon. As I’ve said later in this post it really is like an epidemic, but with very little publicity 😡 We need an answer and soon, nobody should have to suffer on a daily basis like we all do.

Take care, Ingrid xx

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Hi ...you can message me any time ... it’s always on my mind so don’t worry about that. I’ve just sent you a message. Sorry to hear you’ve had some tough days, you are so right something has to happen soon. If I won lotto I would donate every cent to the research companies! Hang in there and keep those ear phones in your ears. 😊😊😊

Hi Ingrid, I am lucky as the volume has come down a little. Not gradually but in two distinctive overnight steps. It's still very loud but i am getting my personality back slowly. I intend to bring this horrible thing to as much attention as i as a nobody can possibly do. I have a session with a class of third year medical students next week to tell them the impact T Has had on me. If I can get the noise a little lower i will be trying to convince my local surgery to educate more GP,s as the first one i saw was ill informed and bloody useless. The second one i saw a day later i think saved my life with a totally sympathetic attitude, drugs to help me get some much needed rest and an action plan going forward. The sleep depravation seems to be the driving force for me feeling so very low. Get as much rest and stay as relaxed as possible. I wish you a reduction in volume as i have been lucky enough to get, just need it to half again! Kind regards Mark.

Hi Mark

Nobody knows how much we suffer every single day unless they've got it themselves. My t is ridiculous today.

It's no good just chatting on a forum WE NEED ACTION.

It affects every aspect of my life, but thank God I have no trouble sleeping.

It definitely needs more awareness, but how do we do this?

Take care Ingrid

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Hi Hazy,

I too was wondering how you were. If you have started you TRT, I hope you are getting some benefit from it, think it's a long road but worth it.

Take care and best wishes

Shell x

I had a loud few days a month ago and it was really hard to bear. Normally it doesn't bother me much. Really hope a cure is found in the not so distant future. There has to be one, just got to find it.

I agree also it the different sounds there’s 2 sounds that I cannot sleep with then there’s the reg swooshing and that I can kind of ignore my T is like a shape shifter

Lol it takes different foarms !!

I have had "T" for over 6 years now and whilst I would describe myself as very emotionally strong I am starting to lose that battle, the volume is the killer, it is so loud that almost nothing can drown it out and the years of lack of decent sleep are taking their toll. I dread bedtime, I cannot drift off during the day and I have a demanding job and a mortgage to pay. I just live in hope of a cure or realistic relief (other than death) and I wish all the money grabbing, cheating twats that circle around issues like this would burn in hell !!

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