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Hi all new user here


Hi All,

Up until about a week ago I didn't really suffer chronic T......I only really had the odd bout of it lasting a few seconds.

It seemed to have started after getting a cold around Christmas time. While my cold for the most part has gone T seems to have stayed

To be honest I'm not sure if I always had it just never noticed and something has made me more aware. I generally have suffered from anxiety and depression which I know doesn't help.

First impressions seems to be coming from right ear. Seems to get worse when I sneeze....my GP looked in my ears but found no issues and has referred me to ENT but I'm sure something doesn't feel right with right ear

I also suffer from jaw and neck issues

Any advice would be great


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Hello Foowish,

My tinnitus came on recently too, and I also questioned whether I'd always had it yet never noticed it before. I also have jaw and neck problems.

Mine arrived in Oct/Nov 2018, and I scoured the internet for a cure; monitored the hiss constantly; bought supplements such as vitamin B12 and vitamin D and was very keen to find out if it was food related. Eventually I accepted that there was no rhyme or reason to my tinnitus, and I shifted my focus on to music I'd like to listen to instead.

Cutting down on caffeine has helped calm me down generally, and I'm also trying to focus on old hobbies that I'd given up. Shifting my focus away from my tinnitus calms it the most. I still have amazing flare-ups, but I now know that they will settle so I don't get in such a flap about them!

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