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Some Success … Does this mean anything?

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I've had T for about 2-3 years and it's very slowly got louder. It's equal in both ears, although I can feel it's more in my head than actually my ears, that's how it feels anyhow. Mine is constant White/violet noise, quite high pitched and totally steady.

With it getting louder I've started to look around for any information or things to try.

So I went on YouTube and found a video by someone who I haven't a clue who they are, and he showed how to tap the back of your skull, just where it meets the neck on both sides by flicking your fingers against the skull about 20 times, doing it very sharply and then repeating if you wish.

When I do it, the tinnitus on my right side disappears but on the left side it stays the same. I'm not sure it's completely gone from the right, there maybe a tiny bit still there but I can't hear it because the left is so loud. But whatever, it's certainly reduced considerably.

I did it about a week ago, then the right ear came back to about half volume again, but it took the whole week to do that, then I repeated the flicking last night and it's gone from the right again, but not the left .....ggggrrrrr......

To those with more experience of tinnitus, does this tell you anything as to maybe the cause or what I could do about it?

Clutching at straws maybe but if you don't ask!!!!!


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Didnt work for me but glad if it works.for some

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Ingrid-p in reply to Brett_angel

Didn’t work for me either 😭

My T os the same as yours .

Some days good most days bad .

Try everything that comes along.

The only thing i can say is nothing works.

Just get on with life as best you can and try not let it get you down.

Sorry i cant be any more positive than that.

The area where your scull meets your neck is also connected to your ears.

If it is tense or inflamed it can cause T.

Read up on Forward Head Position and T.

You might benefit from some phsio and dry needling in that area.

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Cyrtis in reply to Cheesec

Thanks for that. This area is always sore for me, even though I don't feel tense, so I'm going to look into this and give a go, thanks again.

I watch the video I tried it no help for me.

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Have you tried some of the techniques we suggest on the BTA site? These are tried and tested...

Warmest wishes

Nic (BTA Communications Manager and Forum Administrator)

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Cyrtis in reply to NicBTA

No, but I will have a look and give them a go. Fingers crossed and many thanks for pointing these out.

Cyrtis 😀

Hi Cyrtis. How is that your tinnitus started?

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Cyrtis in reply to Tupac71

I'm not certain but think it started about 3-4 years ago but very gradually. It MAY have coincided with starting taking the drug Apixaban, but I'm not sure to say the least because at first I didn't really notice it. Just one day it was louder so I started to realise I had tinnitus. It seems to have gotten to quite a medium volume, constant, and stopped at that level, I hope at least because any louder would be a real problem.

I have been subject to loud noises a fair amount over the years, especially when playing in blues bands as a youngster, standing straight in front of my bass amp, and in my 30's in a big band (now getting near 70).

But in short, I don't know but thanks for asking.

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Tupac71 in reply to Cyrtis

Good luck !!. We all remain in this epic quest for a cure. Who knows, maybe one day we'll find it...


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