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HSP and a link with T?

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I'm not sure if any of you have heard about The Highly Sensitive Person. It was first discovered by Elaine Aaron many years ago and is an innate trait in 15-20% of the population. I am definitely one as is my daughter. There is a test you can do online. Our nervous systems are more finely tuned and more susceptible to fight/flight and stress etc. My daughter has mild T at 24 in the absence of anything organic. I think there is a link for some people. During my research into HSP I managed to live my life the best way to suit my sensitive nature, and in doing that, I believe it has helped me manage my T. Just thought I'd put this out there. Love Hayley x

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Hi Hayley, so interesting. I am definitely a hsp and even though it has helped me be more understanding in my job as an infant teacher to the children I teach it really hasn't done me any favours in the profession. I now have chronic tinnitus since a throat infection from March and I am still struggling. My boss has very kindly given me another role in my school. I have been extremely stressed for the past 20 years with raising a family and juggling a very demanding job and looking after a frail mother. I have recently had cranial sacral therapy to calm down my nervous system. I have taken a mindfulness course and am seeing a CBT therapist to help me not panic when the noise takes over at night so I can't sleep. I am still on the rollar coaster. One thing it has led me to is God and my faith is getting stronger. Staying positive, painting, getting out in nature, seeing friends and having a laugh. Enjoying life as much as possible and being thankful for what I have got and not what I haven't. I hope your daughter can remain calm and happy - you sound as if you are doing a great job.

What a lovely post Jill. I too have a strong faith in God which I haven't mentioned on here. I can't imagine my life without it. Nice to know another HSP! God bless

Hayley x

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