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Christmas time and our friend T


Curious to know how everyone’s experience with Tinnitus and Christmas went?

I feel like mine was definitely louder during this time but I think there was lots of contributing factors: work, lots of sugar, I drank some alcohol, lots of excitement but also the pressure of not wanting T to affect my Xmas meaning I was focused a lot more on it (also 1st Xmas with T).

However, even with T being more evident I didn’t let it control me this Xmas. There were moments but I was like I’m in control not you. I know this method doesn’t always work with everyone but just wanted to share my experience and listen to others.

Merry Christmas (I refuse to let that Xmas feeling go)


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Yes, it was exactly like that for me. My T isnt a fan of Alcohol, lots of noise and busyness. I'm however a lover of alone time and peace and quiet. My T is relatively mild when in optimal conditions, like today for instance. I'm on my own with my dogs for most of the day which I know will settle my T down, to the point of it not bothering me. I have guests over the weekend, but knowing it's a short term thing ,I enjoy myself and ignore the increased symptoms. Sometimes I feel a spike coming on, but I say in my head and feel in my body that this won't come to anything if I let go of the fear of the symptoms and the spike will only last a few seconds. I know I'm very lucky in this, but I have always believed there is a strong relationship with fear and bodily symptoms. x

My T seems to have gone from right more affected to left ear more affected but this seems to happen at w/e or when I have a few days off work,not sure why this happens but I have noticed this before, be glad when I get my hearing aids hopefully this will help.


I had a quiet Christmas Day as I kept myself busy and I was alcohol free the whole day. My T wasn’t quiet but I ignored it by watching tv and being on my laptop. It may have helped that my daughter and granddaughter visited me on Christmas Eve so I was tired the next day. Luckily the weather was ok all week so I’ve been out walking around my local area. I find that this helps too. There must be a link between alcohol and T as I went out yesterday for a few beers and the pub was very busy so my T is loud in both ears now!

Definitely there is I read it on the that alcohol exposes you to more sound something like that xo

Yes I was exposed to loud chatter of a busy pub and fact that big screen tv was on showing sports. Hopefully my T will calm down later on at home today but it’s not letting up so far!

Whenever there is extra stress there is more demand on our defence mechanisms so we become less tolerant. Just keep occupied and thus diverted and try not to dwell. Thank you all for the moral support you give and every best wish for a fulfilling and enjoyable New Year.

Thank you too! And Happy New Year from my tinnitus to yours :D xo

Hi ... my Tinnitus was awful over Christmas, probably a combination of emotion, alcohol and keeping busy. I wish I was strong like and not let it affect me, but I’m afraid it takes over my emotions and at times I become a blubbering mess! I’ve tried mindfulness and am on anti depressants but nothing seems to be working. It spikes more at night. I don’t think my Cochlear does a lot to mask it. Here’s hoping this company in Ireland comes up with something . I’m pleased you were able to overcome your fears of T though , that’s great. Always good to hear from other people. Jenny 🌞🌞🌞

Hiya Jenny, I hope you feel better eventually and that there is some type of improvement. I totally understand what you are saying I really have to fight those thoughts that put me in a bad place and it’s not always easy or doable. Everyone T is so different so I’m guessing the journey will be too xo

I’ve just read your first message, you are so positive and yes I agree let’s all tell each other positive experiences . Mine was only mild when I first started off, but I kept insisting on grommets in and out of my ear, hearing aids with Tinnitus maskers and now I have a Cochlear Implant. ( my first one was painful so I had it taken out) . I definitely think the intervention has made it worse, but too late now! How did yours start and do you have it in both ears? Take care and keep happy 😊😊😊😊😊. Jen

Hi Jen :)

I started getting pulsating in my left ear which I thought was me stressing a lot and pressure in head. Then I started to notice the pulsating when I was feeling really calm, so what do I do? I of course google it:Tinnitus it reAds! I orIginally went downhill from there. I stressed so much and fixated on the pulsing so much so that a few days later it arrives eeeeeeeeeee in my right ear. It grew louder and louder (and in both ears) that I thought there was no hope. I had sometime off of work which help me come to terms with it. I was able to read and learn about it too and honestly during those first weeks reading really helped especially (I think they are more optimistic about T more so than any of sites). I am now convinced I might of had the smallest of buzzing in my ears for years but never really noticed it until my pulsating started. I try to stay as positive as possible and look forward not back but I understand that it is a journey and a change and that I won’t always have good days. I feel T has so many contributors it’s so hard to pin point why it’s happening but it’s here and I’m trying to live with it :) Overall, how has your T journey been? Xo

Gosh yours started off in a sort of strange way .... but you are right stressing about it, makes it worse. I’ve had a horrible journey, I won’t lie, but have a great husband and two lovely children who have been supportive. I had to give up teaching which was disappointing, but it’s made me humble and I realise life takes these twists and turns. I think today I didn’t think about it for about 4 hours, first time in just over three years . So I treated myself with a chocolate frog! Ha . I’m very interested in what this company in Ireland has, but to save myself from getting disappointed I don’t get too excited! I do take medication which does help with the anxiety , but like you remain positive . Have you tried hearing aids with Tinnitus maskers, they were very good and wish in a way I just settled for those. Too late now. It’s warm here , so the beach helps a lot. Keep happy and positive . 😊😊😊😊

Awww you have been on a journey. Would you ever consider doing some type of teaching again? You live near the beach that’s great! At the moment I don’t think I need the hearing aid masker but I don’t worry it could get worse in future and if it does I will consider it. Everyone keeps talking about a company in Ireland, what do they mean? Xo

I meant neuromod . 🌷

I was surprised by the level of comfortability that it gave me this Xmas and I am thankful but as I write this it’s BACK !!! Never ending love story lol 😂

I wish all my fellow T sufferers a great

And quiet New Year!!

Happy New Year xo

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1Dar in reply to dsh2358

Happy New Year to you too, keep positive, someone will come up with something one day 😊😊😊😊

I know exactly what you mean, My t is my shadow,never far away,mine has been diagnosed as trauma t and is loud and ever present,I'm trying to habituate but it's a struggle, but still trying to carry on and not let it ruin my life,it's also my 1st Christmas with t,and as I managed to get the week off ,a rarity for me, we've had a hectic time having family over,and mostly managed not to let t get the better of me,I personally find it helps if I'm busy, white noise works for me,for some strange reason,the TV doesn't help at all,I can listen to soft music no problems.

All the best for the New year 🍾

Very similar, I am also trying to habituate mine. I think the best thing for me is literally annoying as the saying is is to get on. I am trying my best. Happy New Year xo

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1Dar in reply to Judyspal

Hi Judy, although it doesn’t help you much but it’s comforting to know that other people are suffering too. Keeping busy and stress free are definitely one of the key factors in reducing T . All the best for 2019! Xxx

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1Dar in reply to Judyspal

I agree, the best remedy is to keep busy and try and live your life as normal as possible. Does anyone find their Tinnitus ramps up at night?

Happy New Year 😊😊😊😊

My days actually go very smoothly. I don’t even notice it during daytime, not even when it’s quiet. But right when I lay down I hear it. I don’t know why that happens, it’s just difficult to sleep sometimes.

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Ruud1boy in reply to kellin95

Can I swap for your T please? ;-)

I've had a pretty easy ride over Xmas, all things considered. I've even managed to have a few drinks without my T going crackers like it usually would. 2019 is going to be the year - Neuromod are going to change our lives (along with our bank balances).

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Ingrid-p in reply to Ruud1boy

My t has literally been so awful for the past few weeks. Been very hard to cope with no respite. My hearing aids do lower it slightly, but my brain won’t stop thinking about it. Do you really think Neuromod is the answer we’ve all been looking for? After 37 years I think I’d pay anything for even 1 day of silence. Told hubby this morning not sure how much more I can take of it, but I guess we just carry on don’t we? Hubby has mild t and I pray it doesn’t get any worse for him.

Happy 2019

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Ruud1boy in reply to Ingrid-p

I'm hoping Neuromod are going to come good on the potential. Reading between the lines of the info they've released, around half of their c.500 trial participants had a 'clinically significant' improvement in their T.

If their device doesn't work for you or me, there are other, similar concepts being worked on elsewhere which might be more suited to our personal take on T. We have to live in hope.

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Ingrid-p in reply to Ruud1boy

Let’s hope something is found soon

Alcohol most definitely effects my T and many other people. I'm a regular drinker, but am stopping as I'm going to slimming world to lose a stone. That means cutting out the alcohol for me, so I'll see how this effects my T. I haven't been T total (ha ha) since having T! So I'll see what happens! x

This actually sounds like an amazing thing to do! Good luck with your journey xo

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