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Looking for a meaningful explanation on tinnitus

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I am suffering from tinnitus for more than 32 years. I haven't come across a true and fully satisfying explanation for this maldy leave alone a proper treatment and a symblanc of cure. Taking suppressents or using noise inducing devices to drown the noise can't be termed a cure. All this and several other procedure now seen on social media appear primitive

I feel not much importanc is given to carry out research in the right direction. I may not see the mystery unraveled. Yet I hope there is hope for lot of others for a proper cure.

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"They" haven't explored the greatest depths of the oceans yet eather. Meanwhile they're putting space ships on Mars. 21 years and counting, and still, it's all in my head. What puzzles me is how it sounds so man made, not organic.....like microwaves.

Sorry.l haven't really gotten what you wanted to say. You mean it is not a priority and people with this problem can wait

There are so many theories out as to what actually causes it is what makes it so frustrating! Dr, Susan Shore of the University of Michigan has been working on this for decades and may be on to something. Hopefully! Google her. Mine T has been going on since I was 15, I just turned 67.

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