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Going Vegan

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I have mild tinnitus in my right ear since just a week. My GP did remove some ear wax yesterday but unfortunately my ringing hasn’t stopped. I barely notice it during the day but it’s the night that’s bugging me badly. But I have an awesome family and a group of friends so giving up is definitely not I have learnt. I am just 23 and from this Spring I am starting my masters in data analytics. That’s what my dream is and I’ll do anything to achieve it.

I read that going vegan helps and I am not sure if that’s true but there isn’t any harm in trying. I am gonna start eating raw vegetables and fruits and would have a salt intake just once in a meal. If it helps Or not I’ll definitely update here. Thanks!

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Hi K95,

Tinnitus aside, I am glad to hear that another person is on board the vegan train! I have been vegetarian for 30 years and decided to become vegan when my lactose intolerance soared. I had never liked eggs and got fed up with saying that I was a vegetarian with lactose intolerance! Much easier to ask for vegan foods. There is an excellent choice nowadays and we don't have to live on raw foods and lentils!

PS I have no idea if not eating animal flesh or dairy helps to quieten my T.


Angela xx

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Rindybetty in reply to Angela-H

I’m interested in that too. I am vegetarian and I have been wondering if maybe that’s the cause of my severe chronic migraine which I have put down so far to my PT. If you google headache and vegetarian there are loads of articles saying that bring a vegetarian can cause headaches due to missing certain elements in your diet which makes me wonder. Don’t know how I’ll do it though.

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Angela-H in reply to Rindybetty

Hi Rb, a healthy veggie diet is good for lowering cholesterol and blood sugars etc.

Any unhealthy diet causes health problems.

I would suggest taking a multi vitamin & mineral tablet daily if you feel that your diet is lacking. I find H&B products to be the best.

Angela xx

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Rindybetty in reply to Angela-H

Yep. Couldn’t agree more. I make most of my own vege dishes from scratch so should be ok. But I have started muti vits and a tonic so fingers crossed.

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T-shirts in reply to Angela-H

Oh, so being veggie is better then, I will try that, see if it helps me, thanks for sharing,

Vegetarian here, I haven’t read many articles about Veganism helping. I will definitely have a read, but 100% I find the more unhealthier I am the worser my Tinnitus xo

Yes! I have been vegan for a week and honestly I don’t know yet if it has helped my T but it has just been a week. But yes, eating healthier does help as a whole!

Hi, if you have it mild, that's good, and only hear it at night, don't worry, it's a horrible condition to have, I have it, but hear it out loud now, drives me mad, buy a sound machine, with all different sounds on for the night, that will help you sleep, hope this helps you,

Your only one week in and have it mild.Chances are it will fade or you will habituate to it quite quickly.

Use a sound machine at night,waves on the beach,rain etc.That sort of thing.

At your age take it as a warning now to protect your ears from all loud noises,use special ear plugs for concerts etc.Look after your ears now you know.

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