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Darwinism, Tinnitus and Christianity

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Charles Darwin was a great scientist but he struggled with some issues. On his travels he came across a wasp. This was a large variety with a peculiar breeding cycle. It would find a big beetle, cut of it's antennae, then lead in blindly into a small cave. It would then sting it causing it to be paralyzed. The wasp would lay it's egg on the beetle. The eggs would hatch and the grubs would eat the beetle alive. They would grow into wasps and so repeat the cycle. Darwin felt that a loving God would not create such an evil creature.

Clearly the wasp is not evil. It is just doing what it is programmed to do. Darwin then began to do his work around "survival of the fittest". He was much criticised when he published "Origin of the Species"

My point being, what is the point of Tinnitus? Does it give us some edge over our peers? Is it a weakness that stops us spreading our genes. Or, does religion fit in hear somewhere. Was it created by God as some type of punishment?

I go to church most Sunday and each time pray for divine intervention to help with the incessant ringing in my hears.

I do not wish to offend anyone but it would be good to hear your views. Clearly Darwin didn't have T or he would have thought it much worse than the deeds of the wasp!!

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I don't want to offend either Ade - you seem like a decent guy based on a number of your posts. However, I'm entirely secure in my belief that there is no God. Medieval fairy stories I'm afraid.

How can a just and loving God inflict such suffering on his creations?

I'm alive, so when I die, do I go to heaven? Trees are alive as well - do they go to heaven?

I've never been religious, but the more I see of the world, the more secure my atheism becomes.

Like the wasp, tinnitus is just nature going slightly awry.

Absolutely no offence. Everyone is entitled to their views. The wasp probably does not give a hoot about the poor old beetle. I suppose a bit like some people don't give a hoot about tinnitus. I never until I got it.

Anyway, thanks for taking time to share your view.

Atheist or not, enjoy the Christmas festivities.


Interesting points. I admire people with really strong beliefs. I see them in church each week. They truly believe in God and that they are going to heaven. I feel like a bit of an imposter as I question the whole "life after death" thing and "Jesus being the son of God". On a positive note, I like the warmth of the church and the values associated with it. My church is "happy-clappy" so, whether you believe or not, it is usually good to attend. I keep my doubts to myself.

When you look at the suffering in the world it is easier to not believe than to believe. Sorry to hear about your close family and cancer. That must make you question the whole thing.

I like Ruddboy's point. Tinnitus is just nature gone wrong. This keeps it simple. Also, agree that we are at the bottom of the list for a cure. I can't see that the big drug companies see this as a payday.

Be sure to try and enjoy the Christmas period.

Wishing you peace and quiet.



Hi A,

I would be very interested to know your feelings on your cousins, spiritualism or mediumship. Do you think it's something she genuinely believes or is it some sort of method she has learnt as a means of income? Not being rude, genuinely interested.

I don't believe in anything, but 30 years ago I visited a medium out of curiosity and it was unbelievable the things she told me which were impossible for her to know. I've never bothered since, but that experience has always amazed me. That said I don't believe in it!

It's a genuine puzzle to me because of that experience. People have told me they go to colleges to learn how to do it, but no way could she have guessed anything she told me !!!

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ade-the-pade in reply to Curlew

I look forward to reading the reply. i know that you don't know what you don't know. there is so much more to this big old universe.

happy Christmas.


Very interesting A. There is a lot of food for thought in this world 👍

If you keep your Bible on your bedside table, is there still room for your SoundOasis? ;-)

As I suffer from incredibly loud and overwhelming T, I cant help but wonder these things. Is it my extra sensitivity to micro (radio)waves? Is my brain tissue loaded with nano sized particals of aluminum, silver, lead or magnesium.

Like religion, science is corrupted by trillionaires guarding their fortunes, while they secure global dominance. Truth seekers can only exist in small numbers. As soon as their is a soap box to stand on or billions to make, the truth is impossible to find.

This plays out in the realm of T diagnoses, treatment and even the exploitation of the symptom.

The entire meaning of life can never be comprehended by mere humans. We can only hope to achieve our best, and that may ask of your spiritual side. Something you may never find if you don't ask of it. That spiritual potential can be explained with science especially in the realm of quantum physics.

When we learned to split the atom, we opened up Pandora's box, making anything possible.

With that said, I have pleanty of things that contributed to my health problems that were out of stupidity. I choose not to believe I'm being punished for that.

I also wonder if ET has some connection with god or the internet.

The US military is spending hundred of millions, researching T and they aren't persueing a cure. If you look up people, you will soon hope that their is a god, because a few trillionaires hear on earth are playing god, and what you see, hear, think or believe matters to them but your well being dose not. Perhaps a god or ET would care.

I was in Hawaii when the amber alert told us to take shelter, from an incoming bolistic missile. With 15 minutes to live, I rested with the disappointing idea, that I just don't know the truth. My family is still alive, and I'm thankful to however, for each day as a gift, tinnitus or not.

A lot to consider. i need to read your words a few more times. Ade

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It's an interesting point, ade-the-pade. Although I think sometimes tinnitus is a marker or a flag - perhaps signalling there's some physical or mental stress on the person, I think sometimes we just have to accept there isn't always a reason for things happening. It's what we do after something has happened that is key - do we try and take control, or do we sit back helplessly waiting for something to happen?

Looking for reasons and not accepting that humans can't control everything is a big driver for why mankind developed religious belief systems, in my opinion. And they are fine if they help people, just not how I want to see the world

Best wishes


Hello nic. thank you for taking time to reply. interesting comments. i agree that looking fir answers can be difficult.. Accepting can be even harder.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Wishing you peace and quiet.


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