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Can it get any worse?


Sitting in the hairdressers with my hearing aids out and my t is sooooo loud. It's literally all I can hear.

Feeling so down at the monent. Seeing my GP next week and my hearing therapist and audiologist on 3rd January. Doing a course of homeopathy as well, which has helped me in the past.

I know it will get easier as I've learnt in my 36 years of having it 😠, but when I'm like this I hate it. There's so much to do this time of year as well, luckily my family don't let me wallow in my own self pity.

I've reread my past posts and I was like this last time and got through it 😊 just wish there was more help out there.

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Hi Ingrid,

It may get worse but it will get better. You have been so positive in most of your posts so please remember that our brains do ignore it sooner or later.

I find the hairdressers tiring too - so much loud background noise - music, chatting, hairdryers being aimed at our ears- ugh! And trying to have a conversation with the stylist .........

I too am despondent at the lack of progress in curing this awful condition. We’re it not for the BTA I fear that we sufferers would have no help whatsoever 😢

Relaxation and distraction are the two words my audiologist kept repeating to me, saying that it would tame my tinnitus.

Wishing you the very best


Angela xx

Ingrid-p in reply to Angela-H

Thank you Angela. Just feel so down at the moment, but I know this phase will pass.

I couldn't wear my aids in the hairdressers and the t just took over. Nearly cried, but that's not going to do me any good.

With my daughter now and I've calmed down 😊. Just need to keep busy and get through this horrible phase again.

Hope you're OK.

Take care, Ingrid xx

Angela-H in reply to Ingrid-p

Bless you

Ingrid, being with your lovely daughter must help. When my daughter or son (even better both) are home I hardly notice the T. We are blessed to have our children and provided they are healthy and happy I can cope with any health rubbish thrown at me.

Ps it is impossible to wear hearing aids at the hairdressers isn’t it!

Angela xx

Ingrid-p in reply to Angela-H

My girls are my world (and hubby). They’re really tough with me when my t’s bad. They make me do things. It’s so easy to just give in and let t takeover.

My youngest daughter has just told me she’s now coming to us Christmas Day with her husband. So that’s something to look forward to.

I’ll be ok, just need to do what I’ve done in the past when it’s been bad.

Take care xx

Knoll80 in reply to Ingrid-p

Dear God when will all this madness and misery end?!? I’m so sorry you’re struggling again Ingrid. It’s not fair after all these years.

I’m right In the fire too at the moment with flu and screaming T. Sleeping only a couple of hours a night. Hopelessly suicidal constantly and zero support. Drinking festive Valium and lemsip cocktails. If I didn’t have my dog to look after I would end it this second. This condition is hell. Total unbridled hell. We all deserve so much better than this.

Sending you love and hugs Ingrid.xx

Ingrid-p in reply to Knoll80

Thank you, I know this will pass as I’ve been here so many times before. But once the brain latches on again it’s very hard to let it go.

Sorry you’re still suffering as well, it’s so awful sometimes, I say sometimes as most of the time I’m fine even tho it’s loud.

I’ve resorted to using my maskers again, but that just adds another noise into the mix.

Got to be up at 5.30 tomorrow for work, but I’m lucky as I sleep ok. It’s the getting up that’s the problem, knowing it’s going to be there all day 😢

I totally agree that we deserve better, but until that comes I guess we have to carry on.

Take care, hoping tomorrow might be better xx

rjb112 in reply to Knoll80

Please hang in there Knoll80.

Can you get support from someone on this message board?

Or from someone else? Even just email support?

I felt bad reading your post and hope you get some support.

My T is also screaming loud and very uncomfortable. Having some friends and support helps, even just internet/email friends and casual acquaintances.

Very best wishes to you.

You'll be feeling better again soon, I am sure. As I said a couple of days ago, I am finding the long dark nights difficult. I am looking forward to spring when we can have doors and windows open and spend more time outside. I don't think being closed in the house in winter helps at all.

Take care, 👍

Did you heard about mute button device?? Biggest clinical testing for tinnitus treatment. Study has been done in Ireland by neuromod. I'm waiting for the device coming out. Will be beginning 2019. Very good results. This gives me hope... And I'm grateful for that.

Keep up the spirit

Ingrid-p in reply to wimais

Fingers crossed!

Happy Christmas!!!

It is not so happy for some of us T sufferer. We have to grin and plod on.

However, we are a tough old bunch and have learnt to make the most of some very trying situations.

I went to my T support group and met a very nice lady who was just starting out on this journey. She could hardly speak for crying.

Some of our strength some from our understanding of T and how it impacts on people.

When I look back I was just the same as this lady. I am nearly 4 years into my journey.

Like you, I have periods when it is unbearable. I know that I will get through it and work through all my strategies. When they don't work, I start at the top of the list and go again.

I really wish, hope and pray that you get some relief. I am glad that you have people around that care about you.

Keep up the good fight!!!

Wishing you a happier Christmas


Thank you, it's just awful.

Managed to get up at 5.30 for work although I didn't sleep well. I'm so deaf now I can't hear my alarm clock and didn't want to wake hubby on his day off. Very busy at work, I do checkouts at Asda so you can imagine what it's like this time of year.

Been out with my youngest daughter all afternoon and she seriously won't stand for any self pity! Makes me carry on as normal even when I don't want to.

Feel so sorry for anyone just starting this journey, but I guess over time we learn what works for us.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas 🎅🎁🎄

I'm interested to know how homeopathy has helped you BD123. This is something I was thinking about initially. My T is so bad at the moment I am thinking of trying it myself.

Any info welcome, thankyou,


Ingrid-p in reply to Curlew

I'll private message you later, just on my way out xx

No rush for anything BD123, nothing will be getting done till after the new year 😁👍Thankyou anyway.

Ingrid-p in reply to Curlew

Message sent xx

Hello Buddie.

Did you have a better day?


Hi Ade

Went out with friends and I can honestly say I heard it over everything. Tried to watch a film in the evening, but t was so loud 😡

My hearing aids used to bring the noises right down, but they’re not helping at the moment. I’ve been in touch with my hearing therapist and she can see me Wednesday, but I’m committed to work. I’ve got on appointment on 3rd January to see her and the senior audiologist. I’m lucky that they see me quickly, just hope it’s a case of getting hearing aids tweaked.

Hope you’re ok?

Take care, Ingrid

Mine is pretty much 24/7. I sleep well so thst is a bonus. I take mirtazipin so that gets me over.

I can watch tv in the evening if my put my masking device in and the program is really gripping. If not then the ringing becomes unbearsble as it fills my whole head. I am surprised that my neighbour don't hear it.

Good luck with your audioligist appointment. Some are good and others are useless.

No magic bullets around at the moment.

If i am engaged in meaningful conversation then it is not too bad. Going to the gym also works for me. I love cycling and that works. The hearing therapist told me to do more relaxing rather than avoidance.

I tried that but the noise gets so intense that i feel my brain is going to explode.!!

That's enough whinging from me. My kids are home from school soon and i will put on my best smile. Been to the gym this morning and will go back and do a spin class this evening. I' ll put the radio and clean the kitchen floor

My Mrs love it as i have to keep busy.

Good luck with the ent

. Please let me know how it goes .

Kind regards


Hi, I can relate to everything you say.

When mine flares up as it does now and again, I tend to give up the gym as this definitely aggregates mine. Once it settles I normally go back, but not this time, I’ve got to do everything I can to keep in under control.

Watching TV was a nightmare last night, even with my maskers on. I’m lucky tho I sleep well 😴 . I just hate getting up knowing I’ve got another day of noise 😭

I’ve been seeing my hearing therapist for about 20 years, I was one of her first patients. I’m only normally upset by it for a few months and then I habituate again. She always reminds me of how I was the last time I saw her and that puts it into perspective. She retires in March and I hope the person she’s training will be as good. She’s got t herself had it since she was a child.

Mine started with a bad ear infection, but it’s definitely related to hearing loss now. At the moment my hearing feels down in my left ear and very strangely when I walk it’s worse! As if something is moving around in there.

Oh well I just keep thinking I’ll be fine soon, done it before so will do it again.

Also if there’s 6 million sufferers in the Uk and we all donated £1 that’s a lot of money towards researching this truly awful illness.

Take care

Ingrid xx

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