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Ear infection again

Once again another ear infection t very loud especially when tired just started new job bit stressful getting to no new things hopefully just take time to settle few up going into my 6 month now .

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Stress, ear infection......it's worrying when we get sick, knowing it could make things worse. I've had a head cold for a week now. Between the meds and the coughing and congestion, it seems my T is getting worse. I never knew, blowing my nose could pose such risk.

I hope your new job will eventually afford you a distraction from your T. It helps to have goals.

Hang in there.


Well got emergency appt at ent infection all cleared up Thank God still have t spikes sometimes especially when im tired they day l have hearing loss now have to wear some hearing aid hopefully this will help the t anyone else experience the same and does it help merry Xmas happy new year xx


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