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An observation from an optimist!

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Hi there x

I have had T for a short time and have habituated quite quickly. I'm a positive person which I believe affects my ability to see the challenges in my life as opportunity to learn and grow.

Anyway less of that. Yesterday during a busy, but lovely morning, putting Xmas decs up, and generally having a jolly time. I said to my husband "I haven't heard my T at all today". I say this to myself often, as I can go through long periods without hearing it. I believe that sort of self talk is very helpful, but when you say it out loud to someone, I believe the message becomes louder, and your brain thinks 💬 where is that T sound? , and consequently finds it again, as literally minutes after my statement i heard it again. I know this has been covered many times, but I believe there is a difference between thinking it and actually saying it. It's like, 'if you have told someone close to you,' you are under more pressure to be symptom free. So my advice would be not to tell anyone about the fluctuations in symptoms. Keep the positive changes to yourself. Unless posting , to help others. This sounds a bit long winded, but I hope you get what I mean. My symptoms remain very much the same and rarely bother me. I'm very lucky!

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well written , I think there seems to be to much thinking about the down time , which just seems to add to the pressure , I do understand there are people much worse than us , but you need to fill that time with other noises and distractions to blot it out , best wishes k

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lol Some of this reminds me in a good way of my kids yelling “jinx!!” Yes, I keep this stuff to myself and lead a quiet life....😴

Well said

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