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Hospital tomorrow after a 3 & half month wait.


Well it’s been three and a half months since my doctor made my referral to see the specialist. I know it’s probably a waste of time but my questions are not just about why they are about my medication because no matter what anyone says I personally blame this on them. One especially my statin witch I take for cholesterol. About 10 months ago my doctor took me off some cholesterol tablets which he said were only tested in China for a few months and bought by the NHS because they were cheap. Well that maybe so but I’ve had mild T for about 17 years but about 9 months ago my real nightmare began I woke up one morning and one almighty scream was pounding out of both ears and still is. I thought I had it bad when it was mild but now bloody hell 24 hours a day every day. So I’m saying good luck to myself for tomorrow and I’m not joking about what the doctor said about my tablets that is exactly what he said. Cheers guys

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Let us know what happens! x such weird symptoms seem to be prevalent with statins.

🍀fingers crossed xxx

Good luck xx

Good luck x

Hope everything goes/went ok 🤞

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