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the levo system


has anyone came across this? its available in the states for T. it produces sounds to match your T, so that the brain can habituate nore easily anyone heard of it?

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Hi Crawford,

The Tinnitus Clinic do it here. Ill post their link, again I dont know if Im allowed but it tells you more about it. Think it is expensive. Im sure it's in the region of about 4,000.

Knoll80 tried it Im sure, perhaps he will pick up the thread and let you know.

Take care S

drumcraw in reply to Shellipops

hi shellipops, thnaks very much will wait and see if he responds, but your right about the price! i cant afford that but if i knew it worked! anything to get my life back take carem craw.

All very well but this Levo system is designed to be used at night when it’s silent and our brain is more susceptible to sounds. What about during the day and who is going to pay for it if we haven’t got private medical insurance? Nice thought for a good night’s sleep but tinnitus doesn’t have a kip during daylight hours. I’ll check it out online as I see the Tinnitus Clinic are also based in Edinbugh. Thanks!

Hi drum craw ... no I’ve never heard of it ...I live in Australia and I’m sure my audio would have said something if he knew anything about it. I would go to the extreme of going to America if I was guaranteed it would help! Will look into it!

Thank you 😊

Levo system in the United States starts at $5,000. You use this at night to sleep with. It takes 3 months to habituate with it. It supposed to help when you tinnitus but I don't know anybody that has use it.

I went to Levo System because it was fda approved. They gave me a hearing test and I was mildly impaired.

They rejected because I had not had tinnitus long enough and I could not identify a consistent sound.

They said that they were 3,800 whereas the program

I was in was 7,000. That is not entirely true because if

you already have hearing aids you do not have to purchase them. I will stick with that University of Maryland and if not successful may return to Levo.

When I told a supervisor at Levo what had happened

she invited me to return at another center. The University is more to help and not for profit. Dr. Shields

from the university questions the Levo System as it

Is based on hearing a sound like your tinnitus in your

sleep and habituate got. They claim a high success rate.

The university uses neuromonics which is based on

learning to ignore the sound. I habituated to eye floaters

and am beginning to ignore the sound on my own like

our ancestors did as they had no choice. Knowing it is

not a rain tumor and will not kill you helps. Have success. Lighthouse or

I’ve just read online in the Tinnitus Clinic website and it does cost £4,000 here in U.K. for the Levo Therapy System. This is advertised as being useful for people with atonal tinnitus (ranging between very high and very low in pitch). It is specifically designed to be used during sleep and the Levo system creates a personalised sound therapy that strives to change brain activity patterns. They use an iPod device for this and an ear phone system designed to be slept in. There is a 14 day testing period and if you return the Levo system to the Tinnitus Clinic then they will retain £500 to cover costs of fitting and return of device to manufacturers. If you select custom built earphones then that will cost you additional £500 to cover costs of taking moulds and fitting session. I read one user’s story by a soldier whose hyperacusis tinnitus went through the roof following bad medication reactions. He stated the Levo treatment helped to reduce the intensity of his tinnitus and brought it back to the level it was before the bad medication reaction. So at the end of the day the Levo system helps to make tinnitus more manageable and easier to live with.

It does state on website that private medical insurance may only cover initial assessment but not tinnitus treatment. So even with PMI you’ll have to pay. Up to you now if you can afford it but remember it’s not a cure only a manageable exercise.

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