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Should be more publicity about tinnitus


Hi have just had a new care worker in to see me take my meds she asked how I was I told her that I was tired as not sleeping because of my tinnitus.She then asked me what tinnitus was and I had to explain it to her as she had never heard of it and last time I was in hospital I had to explain it to a nurse.i think there should be a campaign in all media to let people know about tinnitus and how bad it can be for people who have it.


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to me awareness is not key. To me its about people in the field really understanding whats going on and working hard to find a way to fix it.

I'm sure Nic (the forum admin) will be along soon telling you about the huge efforts she & the rest of the BTA guys make to raise the profile of this condition. However, to the wider populace, it's not important. Most people with T aren't bothered by it, so to them and to Joe Public, trying to raise it's profile is like having a campaign to raise the profile of athlete's foot or something similarly insignificant - why would you?

We all know that having tinnitus and suffering with tinnitus are 2 completely different things, but it's difficult to tell people if they don't want to be told.

I read something a while ago contrasting the massive publicity campaigns and public awareness about the dangers of fireworks with the complete absence of this regarding the dangers of loud music / noise etc. The disparity between the amount of people impacted by these 2 very different scenarios is incredible, but T still manages to stay under the radar.

I would I agree with you living here in the United States nobody talks about tinnitus a lot of people don't know what it is.

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I live in Australia and not many people know what it is either!,,, 😊


Thanks Joeb17 for spreading the word with your carers and medical professionals. We try our best (yes, Ruud1boy, you knew I'd say that) but we can't reach everyone.

If anyone would like information leaflets, posters, GP guidance etc to share and help raise awareness - just ask. Email and we'll get some out to you.

I have to say, I did do a press statement about noise and bonfire night, but it got rather ignored in favour of the media interest in Susanna Reid and her tinnitus - which was great for getting people talking about tinnitus and probably reached more people.


(who knows you lot will keep me on my toes and make sure I'm doing the comms part of my job as well as watching over the forum!)

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I did feel a bit like a family pet, being left at home to avoid the loud noises whilst my wife & kids went to the firework display.

A Star is born....the blockbuster film starring Bradley Cooper is making media headlines at the moment re his characters battles with hearing loss and tinnitus.....maybe...just maybe!

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From little acorns...…

There was another film a few months ago - Baby Driver was it? - where the main fulcrum of the film was the main character's tinnitus, so hopefully we are starting to leach into public consciousness. Certainly anyone who's met me in the last 2yrs knows all about tinnitus!

I get that some people are not affected by their T and I’m happy for them. I hope we can all get there one day. It’s just shocking to see the lack of awareness or understanding about T when you hear people say things like ‘they can’t cope’ or they are ‘sucidal’. There needs to be some sort of support from the moment you first notice your T. My doctor wasn’t even going to send me for any checks originally. Personally it would have been nice to have been told a little bit more about it and the right places to go for support. I do feel positivity and wellbeing is the key but it’s so hard to get there if no one has a clue, especially the professionals. I think we all need to work together as a T family to get the right knowledge out there. And well done to those who already do that. As someone who is new to her T journey (I call it journey so it doesn’t sound as negative) I understand that it might not be possible or comfortable to talk about T right now but hopefully one day we will all get there xo

I agree with you. in the United States they don't talk much about it.been to lot of doctors no help.

👍 I live in the USA and it is worse here

I explain it to Drs and they just shake there head go figure !! Yes there should be a campaign about the awareness of this affliction like they say. You don’t know it

Till you got it !!!


I am anew sufferer. I have a number of health conditions including breaking my thigh in 3 places having to hop around on a zimmer frame for a yr having to have a plate installed but I would rather go through that again than suffer tinnitus. There is not enough awareness to non sufferers about this. People need to understand this is constantly in peoples heads particularly at night. More research could be done with more awareness . Money can only be raised for research with a wider awareness.

There is a misconception that it is temporary - my opticians had no awareness about the condition and the possible impact on adjusting to a new prescription - as balance issues with condition.

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