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No more suffering from tinnitus

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I suffered tinnitus past 4 years I got T at age of 26 yrs , It was hard at beginning very difficult went into depression but slowly started getting my life back with proper diet and reduced salt in food ,stopped cigarettes ,alcohol n all bad habits ,started breathing exercise inhale and exhale which reduced my tinnitus to 50% , and rest 50% through HABITUATION the only key success which brought my life to back I don’t care tinnitus sounds anymore I successfully habituate T I dam don’t think abt T and don’t speak abt Tinnitus with my friends anymore I’m out from all Tinnitus forum’s, I wholeheartedly accepted my tinnitus I know which will stay with me for rest of life Tinnitus is part of my life .

Guys accept tinnitus wholeheartedly acceptance reduce your tinnitus by half and habituating it completely bring back your life to normal and there is noo cure for tinnitus once I thought I can cure .

I tried all methods to cure T in 4 years and lost 4000 dollars got cheated by people who tell they cure tinnitus it’s a big lie there is Nooo cure at all , acceptance and habituating T is only key for success and I’m leading happy life right now , still I have sounds in left ear but dam!!! I don’t care at all i don’t think abt T anymore .

Hope this massage helps anyone and guys always read success stories collect information and get out of Tinnitus Forum it’s good for you .

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Did you tried laser?

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twa40 in reply to 1162dog

Have you, did it help?

Hi Suji... very encouraging message... anything in

Particular that particularly helped? 🌞

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Suji778 in reply to 1Dar

Diet helps to keep body n mind fit it helps some extent to calm Tinnitus but doesn’t cure T completely......... but u can cure tinnitus through habituation it’s only solution!! Try to ignore T I noe it’s difficult in beginning but once you habituate T your out of this nightmare and lead peaceful life trust me .

Now also I have high pitch sound in left ear but trust me I dam don’t care I don’t even bother to think abt it........... completely leading happy life .

I wish everyone to habituate and ignore T

Plzzzz no negative comments no negative mindset.

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Suji778 in reply to Suji778

Key success for habituating is to avoid external sounds playing in phones or music player or ear plugs to distract Tinnitus because it’s only temporary solution ...... try to habituate T without any support .... once u habituate T with out any external sounds your out of this nightmare .

👍 yes the biggest part is acceptance

I totally agree with that !! Congrats on

Taking control ! And yes we never cure it

And there is a lot of scams out there with people saying they can cure it. I knew and

Accepted it was with me for the rest of my days thatbthe first step acceptance

Thanks for sharing !


Hi long did it take to get to this point, ? was it 4 years?? best Hazy

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Suji778 in reply to hazyfan

To your answer yes it’s took 4 years to habituate .......because I dint accept Tinnitus in beginning tried all kinds of Medicines n tricks to cure tinnitus n spent lot of money but trust me nothing works doctors will rip you n make your pockets empty !!!!! Finally decided to accept Tinnitus because I don’t have any other options ,yes finally succeeded n leading happy life.

Diet helps only to some extent to calm T n it’s good for overall health .

Many thanks for your reply , I understand it takes time , to get to this place, I pray i get there too x

100% agree it's all about mindfulness, good health & behaviour techniques... i'm 37 years of tinniitus sometimes it's get worse again, i panic then get a grip, really look after myself, meditate and de-stress....really concentrate on peaceful breathing for hours & days... it does work, sometimes takes a bit longer but although i can hear it anytime it just blends into the background mostly..just to give you an idea of how loud it is, i can hear it above my diesel car driving up the motorway, it's loud but still i can let it be........anyway well done & spot on Suji778

Great post

Before you, or anyone else for that matter accepts tinitus as inevitable, please make sure you don't have vitamin B12 deficiency. It's the major cause of T. I am suffering from T since last 5 years. It's unbearable. Three weeks ago a simple blood test showed I was B12 deficient. Doc started alternate day shots, so far I have taken 7 shots and I am relieved to observe rapid improvement. If you check the forum of B12 deficiency in this very Health Unlocked website, you will realize almost everyone who is B12 deficient is suffering from Tinitus. All the best.

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Smmmm in reply to nkindia

Interesting! Are there other signs of/symptoms of B-12 deficiency?

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