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Unsure What’s Going On


So I’m going to bed and out of no where I just hear this whooshing sounds in my ear. It’s not very loud, and when I was trying to watch tv my ear was extremely sensitive to what I was hearing.

I look online and it says that tinnitus is the only explanation and of course a bunch of things that cause tinnitus which only makes my anxiety through the roof.

Please someone tell me their experiences when you found you had tinnitus and how it was handled.

Thank you

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Did you go deaf in the other ear ?? My very first experience of ,one loud one deaf, happened when I lived in Southern Ireland. Saturday morning ,I rang the Dr, who said come down now, /my B.P was off the wall ,he tried every machine in the building, then suddenly remembered "Sudden Deafness Syndrome "" He phoned the hospital, which was in Waterford, about 50 miles away, told them he was sending me in, got a taxi to take me ,and off I went .I was given oxygen and another gas ,I can't remember the name of ,every hour for half an hour over 6 hour ,over 4 days .The noise went ,my hearing came back ,and it never happened again , The tinnitus did return ,but not until I returned to the U.K

Where of course I had to run the gambit of weeks of waiting. The Dr in Ireland (southern )did say that if it was not treated immediately, the loss of hearing would probably be permanent.

I have not gone deaf in my other ear. Just the sounds from the one ear. What it looks like online sounds like “Pulsatile tinnitus” in my case.

I’m afraid the same thing happened to me 18 months ago. It has been 18 months of hell trying to get help as drs just say live with it. I am in constant pain with the hyperacusis in my ear and the pulsatile tinnitus has been constant and very loud. I get lower face pain too and migraines with the pain but no hearing loss. I’ve had every scan going and today I am sending my scans to drs in New York. It’s not taken seriously here in my experience.

I do hope yours is temporary. My came on after microsuction of my ears. If you want to get to the bottom of it you will have to be very proactive. I find Bose noise cancelling headphones essential fir places like airports when I can’t avoid the noise. Otherwise noise avoidance is essential.

Good luck.

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